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Submitted: May 24, 2008

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Submitted: May 24, 2008



Between will , honesty and good thinking
 Will has got two elements - -1) Knowledge 2) Action - The later is the consequence of the earlier , action cannot happen until three things are fulfilled:

-Knowledge- human do not do anything without having knowledge about it

-Will – human will not do not anything, even if he know unless he has the has the will

-Strength – and power is necessary to implement will.

The 3 follow sequential order to make an action and this make action (sinful, pious or lawful) a fruit of will and will a fruit of knowledge.

At this junction it very important for us to know each other, and this another place where the basis of differences in us and God lies – If we don’t know ourselves, or about God, we can never love ourselves , others or God. Therefore mind need to be linked with acquiring knowledge and therefore strength of mind to make right choice .Likewise there is close connection between mind and body-the mind is the ruler and the body is the servant, so priority lies on which one to take care of .Also of salient point, is that action without intention is not fruitful to us and we must make sure we translate our intention into action and this is where the questionof loyalty comes in.

Loyalty is nothing but truthfulness in talk and action with sincerity. Six things that characterized a loyal person are:

-Truth in talk , Truth in will ,Truth in promise , Truth in fulfilling the promise , Truth in action ,Truth in our relationship with the creature

All this reflect in our inner thought and outer thought-balancing our outward conduct with inner thought is important measure of how truthful we are! This is where where conscience actually get gnerated from --- from experience when we do the bad , it is based on false ,and the generated conscience w hich become awound for us to heal - who want to get wound - it hurt to get one, in the contrary , when se do the goo d, will know it is good , because it is based on truth -

Virtue of thinking good --They say 1 HOUR ACT OF GOODNESS IS BETTER THAN 1 YEAR OF DIVINE SERVICE, Bingo ! this is why good thought is the key to light, deep insight, door to various knowledge and path to understanding. It is important for us to incorporate good thinking in our mind, thinking good is like mirror that show us virtue and vices, thinking good is the brain of wisdom, when human mind try to think of good there is lesson in everything. IN A NUT SHELL DOING GOOD IS BETTER THAN ALL WORK, NO MATTER WHAT - Good thought is the basis to good action, and it remain something that comes out of knowledge and condition of mind. This make it clear that , the creator is actually interested in that among us – and that is why many things are different so that we can actually practice good will , that extend to act of sharing and loving , caring and that give of ultimate happiness.

Thought is like the flame of light of knowledge as fire appears between iron and its strike on stone. If fire appears ,eyes see. Before these eyes could not see ,as a result of this sight, arouses the entire limbs of the body for action. Similarly, light flashes mind ,while it sees the real nature of each things. It changes the mind which could not see in darkness. Following this, depending on positive or negative side, the object of thought can be categorized into;

Vice – This has to do with part of our body, like using our tong to backbite Virtue- This has to do with obligations, if we have made right judgment Vice of destruction –anger, hatred, jealousy,,idleness, greed , etc Virtue of salvation –patience, gratefulness, hope, love, modesty, truthfulness etcVirtue of salvation is pretty related to God, we must try as much is we can eliminate vice of destruction, while acquire all virtue salvation.

we must know the fact that, the only way to think about God is by thinking about things that he created , do not think over God, beause we cannot realize his power that way– the only way to realize is power is by thinking about things that surround us that he made - wonders.

The signs of creation that we can always be reflected about are :

-Things we can see between heaven and earth - sun , moon , star,earth , mountain river , ocean , moving animal’s , plants , birds / cloud rain , hill, storm, thunder , wind , rainbow, etc. and of couse Things we cannot see – like the creation human from sperm and egg, angel, jinns, devil- breaking this down further:

-World and its contents- Like the eco-system , the differences in us , the miracle in plant for food and cure , practically everything God create is useful and has benefit .

-Mountain and mines – The product of mines – gold, silver emerald, salt think about it

- Sign in the creation of creature – we animals that fly, those that craw on belly, those with four feet, the way each construct their habitat, we could not have done their work with all our might, do you think that the animals do all those things on their own and they have no teacher .all this prove how mighty is God. Yet we are the mightiest of all creation.

- Hydrodynamics and worldof ocean- like the position of heart in water, earth is like a small island in the big ocean.

- Aerodynamics and the worldof air - sign in air and airing things – the organs which can touch cannot touch the air, when it flow , eyes cannot see it , the horizon of the air itself is like the an ocean .everything in it vibrate just as wave of the sea. If something filled up with air is drown ,itwill not drown – on the other hand if someone filled up with water is thrown upward in the air , it will come down the earth – then look at gravity , weight and strength of the air,. take a piece of iron put it in water , it will go down ,neither above water nor in air, so air does not go down the water despite its light weight .God keep the boat above water as the boats are full of air . Then look to thing in air -cloud , thunder,, lightning ,snow, ice- the cloud bear expanse of water that driven and to distance land to deliver benefit of water and rain .

- Heaven and stars , sun and moon – look at the sun which revolve round its axis for one year, taking its course everyday , if not we will have no night or day , change in its position course change of season- winter , spring , autumn-when the sun decline to one from its axis then come winter, when it remain in the meridian, there appear summer season-astrologer have proven that the sun is 160 times the size of the earth. The greatest star is more than 120 times the size of the earth.

-Then look to the creator how He put the sun into the interior of our eyes, despite its vast figure and energy .look how kept the heaven without pillar, look at abode of the earth how he created and sustain it .the ant living at the corner of the palace do not keep information about the grandeur of the palace, its attendance, majesty of its owner, so also we live in this vast earth and do not keep information about the mighty creator and His attributes- these are the foods of reflection and ponder , we must think about its creation and not His being ,and this way we can learn about His glory , prowess and power and this couple with good deed rich in honesty will give us good intention to direct us for good will and reciprocal good action .

To this end , we can see it so wonderful , and He so merciful, H e does not spank for doing bad , He just human , he knows no matter what the best among us are always there .Alas , nobody can blame on ignirance , because we are given all tools, tolearn , and use what we learn to make decision -- the power choose is a great thing about freedom and of course to choose right and do good ,,,,which h is so much interested in --- we have no choise anyway--- because LIFE AND DEATH IS ACTUALLY MADE TO KNOW WHO ARE THE BEST AMONG US .

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