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Submitted: May 30, 2008

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Submitted: May 30, 2008



Macbeth-excess ambition leads to Blood spilling=Battle of conscience+brain cancer Macbeth by William Shakespeare is eleventh century classical tragic fatalistic drama, art as they say, is one philosophy that goes beyond science, because a good artist can see what many people cannot see, art comes in different form anyway, shakespare was one artist of those time, when people spill blood any how, when human refused to know their values, the importance of what we are, when human refused to know the reasons why we exist, and what is our missionon this beautiful planet, who are we???. Lack of understanding about this is what has led to war after war, clan seizing clan and enslave them until the point where by, they sell human in the market either in the face of gun by buyer or the oppression of the opportunist powerful seller on the less powerful. How can we equate our achievement with mass destruction of people with blood spill—I hate blood anyway , killing another human is the greatest sin that God will never forget anybody—killing can be in many ways also….but I tell you the bloody one is still more critical. we say we are civilized, I don’t think so, for many years the French have put up an adage that” quand il change ca ne change pas”. Which means the more it change, the more it remain the same -this is just too true, especially in reference to what we call society. In effect, it has not change in its essential from what it was in the past even thus we tend loosely to think of civilization as progress- I frankly no longer believe in that concept- but I respect human for what we have gone through in life, sometime for how we do it , but w hasve changed little since, we began to pretend we are civilized and the same thing may be said of our society. It is like we have been running in a loop for a long time, I just wish another age of enlightment will broke out to put this proverb obsolete.

Macbeth is a satire drama , that tell the fact that anybody who spill blood or colaborate in the process will never see good at the end of his or her time, they will leave as reckless people , people with no rest of mind , some will loose their brain , some will keep seeing bizarre thing that will be disturbing their life untill the time come to go . The story of Macbeth is about ambitionat its excess, believe in false myth, like status quo, witch craft, things loaded with uncertainty, dominion project of opressioonp. It is a story that advice all of us to recognize the virtue of patience, and wait for GOD time , because HE has good plan for all of us .we must endure hardship that comes with hard time to get to the right time made for us by GOD. It is also about how best and worst those who are partners in our life can save or ruin us depending on the level of their understanding about life and it purpose and level of anbition and how to patiently and honestly pursue it ar, it has been true for a long time that woman true ,ly creative force of life, most of good one are extremely intelligent , and the bad one are also more to the other side of the spectrum. that is why they say , beside every successful man must be a good woman- alas this goes vice versa with men in relation woman, i mean beside every successful woman must be a good man......ha,,ha .because the pendulum of life do really swing in two ways. The story also, is central of matter of gratitude, when we are given a chance or opportunity or reward or even favor, we should thank the giver and return the good with good, even it is equally good to return bad with good. Everything will come back to you anyway. Everything in the planet synergies and works almost in the same way as,there is no drain in environment or physical world is it for social world and the way nature is designed is to teach us reality – if you doubt this ,I advice to make a simple experiment just go and plant a tomato and see if something will be harvested.

being ambitious is good as long as you don’t spill blood, cheat others, and your conscience thumb up tor. Ambition is good, and acting on ambition is great, but not by spilling blood or maiming people, because we people are very important to the creator it is only in His hand lies the power to take the soul . Believing in witchcraft, or project links to killing is definitely not good, is a choice on the left side of the spectrum, if you doubt me, you take a minute to listen to your conscience.

Macbeth was too ambitious, because he was given prophecy that he will be a king. And he can’t wait to be the king, the wife can even wait a second, she advised Macbeth to kill the king , the king Duncan known to be a good king, a good king that has taken care of his people that is feared and loved. Macbeth was a fierce and war great warrior know at that time, yes, people can easily entrust their livelihood on a warrior , but sometime how we get there is what determine what our performance will be like. He killed the king , what follow such killing eliminating every other good people linked to goodness.,,,,my friend not only that battle of conscience – ONLY IF HE CAN KILL CONSCIENCE—Banquo was equally given prophecy that he will be nohing but his generations will be kings, but yet he decided to follw things as he coe and refused to force drive the ambition , we will see in the story, that the upright peeple will always end it well --lets see how it goes.

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