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Submitted: May 30, 2008

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Submitted: May 30, 2008



Book review - The beautiful ones are not yet born The book” The Beautiful Ones are not yet born\" is a moving masterpiece written by Ayi Kwei Armah a Ghanaian author, and citing the case of Ghana post independence corruption. This book speaks about the nature of a society that has been decimated by the repressive rule of an entirely different culture. The book is weaves with beautiful poetry, intellectual insight, and explicit and at times repulsive imagery into his story.

It is the story of a poor man in a material world who, despite the pressures around and within him, is able to maintain a sense of dignity within himself. It is one lone man's struggle against seemingly inescapable corruption and filth. A settled mind and resolved principles triumphs in the face of hunger, severe poverty, a nagging wife and his own conscience. \"The Man\" (in the book) is assumed to be an honest and introspective individual who is differentiated regarding the corruption and greed of his society. This creates conflict between the worlds around him.

Ayi Kwei Armah satirically depicts corruption through his writing with bold imagery, flawless writing. He painted a culture of corruption and despair of post independence. The author manages to create vivd scenes of filth and vileness throughout the novel but the plot leaves something to be desired. His stance is eventually justified when the corrupt government along with his much envied politician friend falls.

It is book that emphasize on noble battle, facing the unenviable dilemma of choosing between the loves of those closest to him and preservation of his integrity in a society where corruption and accepting bribes is the norm.Until this moment the grating images of corruption and a derelict society that breeds corruption upon itself still erupts vividly in my head.

In the book there is a lot of filth- environment, human nature, even language. Nothing is spared that pain odious image of curuption - you can be easyly get caught up in its general ugliness- This is ironically the beauty of the book and does not rob it of its essence. The funniest part of this book is when the author analyse the relationship reality between a person a person that eat shit and a person that eat maggot - and you guess what they are the same - that is to say ,if you eat curuption directly or indirecly it is the same -wher ethe person that eat it directly is eating shit and the person that eat it indirectly is eating maggot.

The book stays more of legendary of time,you would pick this book up to read three decades after it was written, and it would still seem like a novel that just came out; it rings true to this day in many corrupt societies and it is a book that should be up there with the greatest literary giants of our time.

It is an amazing book where you can truly feel the struggle and search for balance of the \"man\"- Humorous at times, depressing at others. I strongly recommend it to all people that care about social justice- For who have not been exposed to widespread corruption, rottenness or had to struggle with \"doing the right thing\" would find it interesting , and for vice versa-- you may find it as a sick book.

Now commng to my question why is it that good peeple never last. Abraham Lincoln and JFK who still champion the best leadership in American History were killed, so was thomas Sankara in Africa, Malcolm -X, Martin Luther king ....neme them --- is it beaceu we simply don`t like this life to be a better a place or we just don`t like progress?

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