Energy and Our Planet 2 by Oladokun Sulaiman

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Making energy choice

Submitted: May 03, 2008

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Submitted: May 03, 2008



Energy and our planet - A look at Nuclear power


The bilinnia of year have been spent to build up protective mechanism of the environ-sphere that support our planet- the ocean, the fist creation of oxygen, and ozone , the breathing out all of the earth growing cover of green plants.

Today ,what have has it become of human in basing a larger part of our energy supply upon atomic energy is bringing down to earth the power that would have never permitted any kind of organic life to develop on this planet . Even thus the first generation of this fire was accidental, the first intention was nevertheless an act of cruelty .beside this, we have forgotten with an uneasiness born of the sense of sacrilege that the first use of this dangerous fire end up wiping out two cities, without care for individual guilt, or innocent , man or woman ,you or aged . the building of atomic technology haswas never due to compulsion of war butthe fear of energy depletion , but today the development is hazardous to all of us in a new wayincludingcreation of risk of reversible damage to mankind’s genetic inheritance.

Prospect of peaceful nuclear power generation:

  • Energy released from fusion – plant in this generation are using the same processes used for the first atomic bomb –here only one percent of the uranium oxide is used up, it has the risk that the whole chain reaction will end in an uncontrolled released of radioactivity is offset by insertion of absorbent elements which slow down the reaction and the limitation of this process is the scarcity of U235.
  • The breeder reactor-This process bypass 1 percent use of uranium oxide up to 80 percent- exploitation rate, thus here we have advantage of fuel , the real cost of nuclear program depends on the installation and safeguard .
  • The fusion reactor-this involve the transfer to earth of the sun processes, the vast release of energy achieved by the fusing of nuclei within the superheated hydrogen plasma of the sun’s core. Here the fact is that the technical difficulty in term of containment of huge thermal release is still enormous.

These are systems let us look at the advantages:

·Fission reactors or so called light- water cooled system are less pollutant and they have competitive cost.

·The breeder rectors are even more economical, but full of uncertainty and there is ongoing research on the technology.

Lets us look at the hazards

  • Both fission and fusion provide high thermal pollution – here they provide no advantage over conventional plants.
  • Fission and fusion posed problem of radio activities – even thus they say they make effort to contain the entire radioactivity given off during nuclear generation with hermetically sealed containers. A lot of seepage occurs during storage, transport, in the cooling water, in release gases, in the cleaning of fuel elements and disposal.
  • Problem of disposal- most radioactive materials have half life of 100 years , disposal cost a lot , and even where to dispose is a big treat to the environment the is no sink on this planet.
  • Workers and community exposure to radiation – the noxious nature of the radioactive material has fundamental difficulties that there is no safe threshold of radioactive under a wide variety of condition – age, exposure, metabolism- create genetic damage or cancer.

Now the fundamental question is the dabbling into nuclear worth the danger? Does worth it for community to regard death as a reasonable risk in return for some suppose good in quite clear? Any carelessness, any casualness, any calculus based upon inward- looking national advantage and prestige or a quick profit gained by some smartly turned commercial deal is utterly unthinkable in this context. Time is actually calling for us to seize to make simple calculation of gain or convenience, but to confront our survival and tat of our children and grandchildren and whole human race.

  • Communities need to apply common sense to more detail issues. Communities should protest that closed to nuclear station should protest, because nuclear leak of lethal radio activities (whose spreading in all direction is quite fast) to an urban region or population could lead disaster even point form degradation over years.
  • Community that already has nuclear power plant should demand the right to set monitoring sytem to lower dose and contaminated rate.
  • Community should demand right to be informed about new technology deployment and measures for existing system.

Now I will make a brief quantitative summary under technical- economic- social and political (dominate most) platform

Design =plant size (-), power (-) since large fixed mass mc

Production= (-) more complex

Operations= maintenance and repair (-), no refueling (+), does not need oxygen (+)

Economics = capital (-), revenue (-), wage (-)

Social = owner, crew, health (-)

Political = national (-), accident (-), prestige (+), military (+)

You might wonder why there are no nuclear ship – there was, the first one that was built (m.v. savanna) was rejected in every port of the world, end up in a museum.

We have already made error regarding air and water as free goods and have, if we have to treat the risk of rising cancer, genetic mutation we may get more power and pay more for safety at the expense of degenerating population. In any case, it does not make much difference from military insanities of multifold nuclear overkill and all the atomic gadgetry of mass killing from which a recognizable human species will hardly survive. It important to let go this destructive temptation, those who have it should destroy it and those who plan to have to should forget about. It is only with love, establishing loyalty, and trust respect, justice can we us nuclear energy, the situation of the planet with misplaced trust here and there has complicated energy issue. It is true we have 6 billion inhabitant of this planet and we need energy, the fossil is envisage to be depleting , thus to keep 10 billion people alivein this planet , atomic energy seem to be favorable likely answer, but yet the disadvantages supersede the advantages. However, we still other options ort alternatives - we large reserve of coal than can last for another bilinium. With the abundant existence of water in this planet can use hydropower and wave power, solar energy, fuel cell, geothermal taping of internal earth heat. What does u think?

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