Energy and Our Planet by Oladokun Sulaiman

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Article feature the need for energy for humanity and the need to be prudent in use the good source of energy.

Submitted: May 03, 2008

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Submitted: May 03, 2008



Energy and our planet


The search for a better managed human society and what brought human to this threshold is as old as man himself-the triple bottom factors ofquestfor knowledge, the need for production exchange and organizing power of social community – these factors have equally become interrelatedand self reinforcing with each advanced technology and organization.Scale ,energy and matterremaining keys to human civilization; follow by invention of language or ability to communicate, facilitation of his mobility all of which went through their course slowlybuilding stones out of stumbling blocks while some actuallyamazingly came out asextraordinary revolution .

Energy remain the basis of technology, before any place can think about building technology, energy is the first to consider, without we cannot get technology. Power resources we use today are inherently exhaustible because they are provided by the fossil fuels- coal oil and natural gas- were stored in our planet during geological upheaval past of the Billenia- These capital of energy has carried the industrial revolution so far, first through coal , thenpetroleum and naturalgas .of these three , natural gas has the lowest reserve , its freedom from pollution makes it popular now , and this advantage might keep it in use when increasing scarcityraises price , thus continuous use would spur exhaustion . Petroleum whose share use encompassarea of transport, power station , petrochemical of all kindsis also on short supply , as its peak production is approaching so has its scarcity in its supplyinfluence price in most of our activities today . With petroleum reserve put at estimate of 2500 billion barrels compare with the need, it can only last us may be only through the end of this century. Thus coal reserve is put tat 5 trillions tones which may take us through at least another century .However, there is reality of high environmental cost costs for use of coal for energy need. Environmental cost in term of building new plants that emit limited amounts of soot, fly ash, thermal pollution , and sulfur oxides. To this end, the business of coal will involved massive mining , whichwill have great impact on the little land we have , already time is discovering , problem of land contamination caused byprevious mine work .

The million dollar question, if all this energy is fully exhausted what we are going to do? And now that we have critical environmental issue what is our hope for less polluting types of energy .so far, the cleanest and the safest have been among the inexhaustible. Animal power, windmill and water mill has been the human oldest source of nonhuman energy .and with so much and water in the world , it remain a rhetoric that new technologies have not tuned this vast potential income into usable supply.

All sources of alternative energy are so natural, for so many years people have been carrying research about he use of free energy fall from the sun to the use of reverse electrolysis to produce fuel cell- but for one reason or the order these sources of energy are not economical to produce- it fall that, most of the problems lies on efficiency and storage capability. The sun itself, safely shielded from us by banks of oxygen and ozone, streams down everyday its inconceivable energies upon our planet, History of human existence and activities has prove that the sun is the source of all kind of energy on earth, from plant photosynthesis, to formation of biomass earth fossil fuel including oil and coal, to generation of wind and hydrogen power. The question of why can’t plug ourselves into these daily supplies of which we use on one-third of 1 percent remain a big question that need answer.

So far alternative options open to us to shrinking supplies of fossil fuels and energy environmental threat are:

  • Hydropower energy has been a good advantage for reverend areas
  • The harnessing of tides, - limited by number of sites in which rise and fall of water is on sufficient scale and also by still very large uncertainties about cost.
  • Solar energy- which requires very large square mileage to produce area, within which enough incoming sunlight can be sufficiently concentrated to produce energy, thus has more potential in cloudless areas, and possible use in desalinization projects.
  • Hydrogen power – involve reverse electrolysis of water
  • Wind power – involve use of force in the vast ocean of air
  • Atomic energy – this is the most that can provide massive satisfaction of world future power need, but here we confront seriousness which demands the utmost integrity of judgment and depth of human care-Next time – I will highlight advantage and disadvantage of using atomic – thus the disadvantage by far supersedes the advantage. We will weight these, and conclude whether the risk worth it to use such energy on this planet.
What do you think the problem is? Do you think difficulties facing most of this new potential is because human have not yet found the way of directly tapping the energy cycle?

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