Life is what we make it

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Reminder that a stone will ever turn, until someone turne it

Submitted: April 26, 2008

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Submitted: April 26, 2008



LIFE- W e create our own life


Life is what we make,

It is a bed we make and lay

On it as we make it.

It is a psychological phenomenal,

Dominated by power of thoughts and words
we create our life with our thoughts-

That creates our feelings,

That makes things happen,

Positive thought make human kind and kind,

With conspicuous love.
Negative mind make human so mean,
Withconspicuous disgust.

Life in which each thought in our mind,

Is the seed for everything we do, feel, or say.
Between time and space,

Futures has repeatedly evolved from the presence

The present presents a balance point,

Between reality of deeds and events,
In resolutions of investments made.
Mishap could be just a fair reward,
As life fortune is investment gained.
Opportunity could be just a means,
As occurrences are results obtained,
Fromits to and fro swing reality .

Life with its ever established law of karma,
where, what goes around come around.
Human has more control over your thoughts,

Than over anything else in life.

Human is given great power that,

Needs to be used in the right way.

Good or bad, it's all our choice,
For all our thoughts and acts today,
Remain investments of tomorrow

We can all make life better with positive mind

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