Thanksgiving - A Measure of Human Kindness by Oladokun Sulaiman

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Submitted: May 03, 2008

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Submitted: May 03, 2008



Gratefulness or thanksgiving as themeaning implies- is the highest thing the creator is interested in human and humanity, thanksgiving enclose the purpose of our creation or being , it is one of the biggest tool that is use to measure goodness and goodwill in people. A sincere grateful person can always be trusted because an act of sincere gratefulness has tendency to be followed with reciprocal goodness. Looking at the glory of creation, we are made best of living being , we are given the best , we are designed in the best manner, in order to make life even more interesting for us , we are made into nations and colors, cultures, the question is that, looking at the state of the planet, is human reallly greatful.How can we give thanks or do things right without knowing what it is, or the direction required or even who deserve the best of gratefulness and thankgiving – lets us find!

Thanksgiving in the Americas is one of the greatest and unique cultures that have been institutionalized in human civilization .thus, it is known worldwide as an American custom, but the act of giving thanks is rooted far back into human history. The first Americans observed rituals and ceremonies to express gratitude to a higher power for life itself. However Columbus, the red Indies has been known to offer thanks giving ceremonial statements such as “Our Creator ... Shall continue to dwell above the sky, and this is where those on the earth will end their thanksgiving." "The plant has its nourishment from the earth and its limbs go up this way, in praise of its Maker ... like the limbs of a tree."

The traditions of expressing thanks to God for the bounty of the earth brought to North America by settlers from many parts of the world,. Have similitude of rituals, observances and liturgies that express thanks and gratitude to a higher power for the gift of life and its wonders by all the major world religions—including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam— the following brief timeline shows its development. Historical and chronology of development American Thanksgiving holiday.

All this is good , but the question are we doing sincerely , do we focus on giving this thanks to almighty – this is what He appreciate most from us .to give it in the most sincerely it is important for us to understand philosophy behind giving thanks.

Thanksgiving is one of the good stages for those who travel-in the path of goodwill. There are steps of gratefulness:

  • Knowledge- Knowledge is the root out of which condition takes birth and out of condition action arises. Knowledge is the fact that fortune comes from the Fortune-giver.
  • Condition - The happiness that occurs out of getting that fortune is condition or state of mind.
  • Action- To stand upon love and the objects of fortune- giver is action which keeps connection with mind, tongue and limbs of body.

Knowledge of thanksgiving encompasses 3 three things:

(1) Source of thanksgiving

(2) Cause of given fortune

(3) The attributes of the fortune giver.

It is imperative for us to understand the reality of Fortune, fortune-giver and fortune- It means that one should have knowledge that whatever is in the universe comes from God and His gifts. If there is perfection of this knowledge there can not be Shirk or setting up partnership with God.

Likewise, he who knows God and-His wonderful creation knows fully well that all the things in the world - the sun, the moon, the stars and all other things are. His creation and guided by Him as the pen is guided" by a writer. Those animals which have got will are-subservient to His will although, He has given them freedom of will. They are like the man in charge of the treasures of the king.

This gift of charity is not to the poor man but rather it is to your self as an expression gratitude to the most high for blessing you. In this way, you will recognize. God and get acquainted with His works. So God is to be praised and entitled to get thanksgving .Moses said once in his invocation: 0 God you have created Adam. How has he expressed gratefulness to you? God said: He knew that everything came from Me. This knowledge is his gratefulness. So instead of being grateful to the giver, be grateful to Him who created the giver and his will.

-State of mind on gratefulness: here the mind assumes a state when knowledge of gratefulness comes to it. The happiness which arises in mind out of gratefulness is called its state the feeling of gratefulness and humility for the done. This state of mind in gratefulness is of three kinds. Take an illustration. When a king wants to go out and gives a horse to a certain man, the latter feels joy for three causes

(1) For getting a horse which will be useful to him,

(2) For getting it from the head of state,

(3) And for enjoyment of getting by riding on it,

These are three stages of thanskgiving . In the first stage, the attention of the donee remains confined to the horse only and not to its giver. In the second stage, he expresses gratefulness to the giver. In the third stage, thanksgiving gains perfection as he expresses it to God who enkindled a will in the king to gift the horse to him. This is the highest stage. To turn attention to the giver rather than to the gift is gratefulness.

People in general expressthanksgiving on getting food, dress and drink but the really wise men do it in getting beneficial things to soul. He who gets enjoyment in getting only the things enjoyable to eye, ear, belly and sexual organ, cannot express real thanksgiving as there is disease in his soul. Real happiness consists in the happiness of soul by remembering God. A diseased man may get pleasure in eating earth or displeasure in sweets.

To get acquainted with actions arising out of gratefulness require acting with happiness by getting acquainted with the giver of gift. This action is connected with mind, tongue and all bodily limbs. These are the three modes of expressing gratefulness. To express thanksgiving and gratefulness by mind is to pray for good of all people and to cherish such a will. To express gratefulness by tongue is to praise God under all circumstances; and to express it by the bodily limbs means to employ them in the service of the Lord and to save them from committing sins prohibited by Him.

The pious man of yore asked the same question to have the third reply. Whenever a person is asked about his condition, he either expresses gratefulness or tells him his sorrows and difficulties or remains silent. In case of gratefulness there are rewards, in case of sorrows and difficulties, there are sins on the part of the pious. Why will it not be sin when complaint is made against God's actions? When a man cannot remain patient in dangers and difficulties, let him tell it to God as He only gives troubles and removes them.

causes of thanksgiving and greatfulness : There are two causes for which gratefulness to God is not similar to gratefulness to men.

  • The first cause is that God is above all wants, while men are in wants. God is free from name, fame, prayers and prostrations.
  • The second cause is that man has got freedom of will by which he does everything and that freedom is a gift from God.

Also Moses said: 0 Lord, how can’t express gratefulness to Thee when I am unable to express it without another gift? To be able to express gratefulness to Thee is another gift from Thee to me. That gift compels me to express gratefulness to Thee.

GOD interest in gratefulness: thanksgiving does not become perfect if we do not know what God is interested in, because gratefulness means to spend His gifts in acts loved by God and ungratefulness means to spend them in acts not loved by Him or keep them without use.

There are two subtle things for this distinction

(1) To see through guidance from God

(2) To see with the eye of thought or knowledge. For this reason. God sent the guidance for us to build foundations of good actions. Those who do not tread these ways do not express gratefulness.

There is wisdom in the creation of everything in the world. That wisdom is of two classes-open and secret. The open wisdom is learning or knowledge. Wisdom of God in creating the sun is that thereby we can understand the distinction between day and night. There are hundreds of purposes in the creation of these and other things. We see that God created eye to see and not to hear, ear to hear and not to see, hands to catch and not to walk, legs to walk and not to catch, nose to smell and not to hear. There are secret limbs, such as stomach, heart, spleen, livers, sinews and other things. Each limb has been assigned a special function to perform. Some limb helps digestion, some purifies blood, some circulates blood, some creates urine. Those who have been given special knowledge of the functions of each limb cannot be compared with that of God.

So if a man does not utilize a thing for which it is created becomes ungrateful to God for the gift. He who unjustly beats another with his hand expresses ungratefulness for the gift of hands as hands have been created for removing the injurious things to soul and receive the beneficial things, but not to destroy a thing or beat or assault a person.or even the gift of artificial creation are not given to opress others. The man who looks to a strange woman with lust expresses ungratefulness for the gift of eyes. By the above act he does a thing against the will of God. His will is that by His help and by the help of the created things, he will meet with God.

So one cannot meet with Him till he loves Him, He will not get His love till he remembers Him always. This remembrance does not become possible without a body and the body does not go alright if it is not given food and the food is not possible without earth, water and air. These things are not possible without earth and sky and without the open and secret limbs. So all these things have been created for body and body is the outer cover of soul and a satisfied soul will reach God by virtue of goodwill and divine service.

Today , lets us look at Humanity andthe state of the planet , Human being been really thankfull?, if we do what have webeen thankfull for, if are not , is it because we are nut , arrogant , or is it because we dont the meaning of being greatful to the generous Almighty , or we don`t knowthe purpose of our being ? What do you think?

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