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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Commercial Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: May 24, 2008

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Submitted: May 24, 2008



world peace and conscience


Planet earth

The most beautiful design for human

As Lego to arrange into one

By the most compassionate creator

When I look at the world,

Human has truly creative in many ways

He has built incredible things

He has civilized and civilized

But one thing has taken has always taken

His civilization to zero

It is about war of the world that has no reason

That has been wage in different form

Why can’t we in peace?

Why do we have to kill each other?

Why do we have to hate?

When there is no joy in all these vices?

Why do we have to continue threatening one another?

Why do we have to oppress one another?

When it is that the reality of shortness

And termination of each of is inevitable

We are all created into nation by one God

That makes us differently

So that we can that we can taste of real love

So that we can enjoy satisfaction of justice

Despite experience of war everywhere

That show that every inhabitant of our planet

No matter where we come suffer causality

War does no good to anyone

War kills, war maims, war annihilates

Turmoil and tribulation all characterize war

Famine and deprivation are all babies of war

Wars tear families apart, refugees abound everywhere

Many are rendered homeless, a lot become hopeless

Causalities of war in the scenes of ravage and wreck

Letter the ground in their hundreds and thousands

Yet the planet and its maker never left us alone

The planetary systems itself was designed

To facilitate our unity through ocean and the air

Through diversity of resources and places

And inevitability of our interdependency

I lament because , eventually we all pay for war

I grieve because , everybody is casuality of war

Why can `t we still learn from all this?

What is preventing peace to reign on this planet?

We have claimed new world order much time

We have claimed to be making peace much time

We all claim to want peace

And we know what peace want

All what peace want are love, justice and liberty

Let's listen to our conscience and embrace peace, not war

Let’s allow peace to flourish like river in this planet

let`s the dignity entrusted in creation and being

let`s remember the value of our planet,for

No other planet is habitable , except earth

Peace brings happiness; peace puts the mind at rest.

Peace prevent anxiety and worries

let`s us maintain the planet intact the way

We inherited it, for we shall account for our stay here

For, if we don`t detroy war, war we destroy us

Remembering the power of good people

In the community, remebering the power of consience

Make me believe in a place call HOPE

That together, we can achieve the peace

And unity engufed in the purpose of creation

Let`s live and leave in peace , and not in pieces

© Copyright 2020 oladokun sulaiman. All rights reserved.

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