Loving Lisa

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Romance that started from a social network site.

Submitted: May 26, 2014

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Submitted: May 26, 2014



Her eyes, the way she would look at me…… She would squint; it looks like a sparrow was flying under the deep blue sky. Was I been naughty? Erm…….. Yes, I was trying to put my hands in her trouser. My back is against the wall, her breast is on my chest and her booty is left for me to squeeze.

‘What are you doing’ she would say.

‘I……I am feeling on your booty’ I would answer

Then I would give her a spank which often comes with a cheeky smile.

‘Stoooop itttt’ she would say

She says it in this funny, yet sexy Irish accent.

Oh, her lips……tight and small, perfectly made weapons for sucking my dark nipples. With that, she smells like she soaks herself in a bath full of an Arabian ointment every day, so natural and so beautiful. That was what caught my eyes when I met her, or should I say, brushed my nostrils when I first met her.

I have known her for six months now but I still don’t know the secret to the alluring smell that pulls me to her. Usually, when I’m locked tight in a hug with her, I would smell her right from her left cheek to the middle of her breast. I call them the twin towers, the Petronas of Kuala Lumpur. My god, she has firm breasts. I would then sniff them.

‘Stoooop itttt’

‘You are so womanly’ I used to say when we starting seeing each other.

Normally, I don’t even fall for her type. She has a kid and she isn’t Asian. I thought to myself, ‘she wouldn’t understand me or know how to relate to me like a mid-eastern woman would’. Fuck that, it was just meant to be a friend with benefit kind of thing but I got hooked straight in the heart.


It all started on Nov 1, 2013. I put a funny video on Instagram speaking about ‘globalisation.

‘Globalisation is when, you don’t give a damn about my colour, I don’t care about your colour, we just come together and have a fucking amazing time’ I said

Pressed the blue button on my Samsung galaxy s4 and that was it.  Before I came back home from my afternoon shift, I had 50 likes. ‘Well, I know the kind of videos to put up to get likes now. My followers don’t like the art, poetry and nature pictures I put up’ I thought to myself.

I was in the process of dismantling the delicious delicacy made by Abdul when I realised he hadn’t seen my funny video

‘Abdul, you didn’t like my video on insta?’ I asked

‘I’m never on insta man’ he answered with his fake British accent.

He came to this country six months after me and he still can’t get the accent right.

‘Just log in and like it’ I exhorted

We were both logged in while the ‘match of the day’ was on BBC1 . It was hard to shift our concentration on so Abdul just ‘liked’ the post without watching it. That was very generous of him but what caught my attention was a girl called ‘Loving Lisa’ who ‘liked’ twenty of my pictures and commented on all of them.  Then she followed, I was intrigued and followed back. I wanted, not only to return the favour but to see more of this gorgeous girl on the display picture.

In less than five minutes, she accepted my ‘follow’ request. I liked and liked until there was no picture to like no more. Loving Lisa wasn’t the type to take lustful pictures but that body still looked smoking in those classy pictures.  Any man will still figure out her body is like a coca-cola bottle.

‘Abdul, look at this girl’ I exclaimed

‘Damn, mehn. Who is this?’ replied Abdul

He got distracted from the Arsenal F.C highlight just as he sighted one of her pictures.

‘Give me her Instagram, you don’t do white girls’ Abdul urged.

I took my phone back.

‘On no…….no way, I like this voluptuous one’ I said ‘white girl with a big booty? That’s mine for the taking’

While still checking her pictures, I thought ‘nah, she is just an Instagram fascination, probably never going to see her’. And then I saw that she lives outside London. Come on, there are enough beautiful girls in London for me.

Anyway, everything was normal until, I posted the poem I wrote about Asia. The poem was about the importance of Asia to the world and the pride of Persia.  Loving-Lisa commented and reposted it.

‘I am a big fan of your writing. I can write too but I am not as good as you’’ she wrote.

‘Send me your e-mail, we can work on something’ I commented back.

Finally, after two weeks on knowing her, I had an excuse to take it to the direct-messages.  She was professional about why we were sending each other direct messages. We were exchanging creative ideas but all through the time, I wanted to write ‘hey babe, send me a naked picture and I will send you a dick picture’ but I dared not.

My dedication to my craft made her give me her number. We became friends. I can write, she can draw, that was a partnership made in heaven, so to speak. Lisa is such an open lady, she told me about her past relationships and I came to a conclusion that none of her four ex’s were like me so I cut her off one night in the middle of one of her boring relationship stories

‘What is your type?’ I asked curiously,

‘Erm…..I don’t really have a specific type……’

‘Damn right, I thought to myself’

‘………but I like to be happy. I’m attracted to a man that can make me happy. Being creative is an added bonus’ she replied.

‘Interesting Lisa…….interesting.


We planned to meet up on the 10th of December 2013. Lisa had shown me a glimpse of her sexiness on skype. All those teasing moments had made me long for her even more. Some nights she would get on her snow white dressing gown and say ‘I have no knickers on’. Her kid went to his father’s place for two weeks and I just got paid two days before. So, 10 of December was the perfect day for the two of us to meet in Charing-Cross.

I waited for thirty minutes for the Queen of Kent to arrive from one of the doors of the south-western train. Hair straightened, lip-glossed and nails polished with a silky free flowing gown, Lisa appeared as magical as her Instagram pictures.  That moment she took the few steps to walk towards me with an angelic smile on her face, my heart wanted to explode out of my chest.

‘Hi’ she said with ease

I went for a quick hug to quench my nervousness.

‘You smell nice’ I said as I planted a kiss on her red cheek

‘So do you’ she replied in an instant.

‘I smell of Paco rabanne, you smell of nature’ I thought

We hit the vue cinema. Why not? I’ve got money baby. For two hours, I wasn’t even paying attention to the movie. I was confused, I didn’t know what to do, whether to go for a kiss or just sit there giggling with her while eating our popcorn. Thirty- two pounds wasted on nothing, didn’t even get to kiss her, not once. Shit! We haven’t even eaten yet.

‘This type of beauty deserves nothing less than nandos’ felt like my wallet whispered to me.

To my surprise, Lisa paid for the lunch.

‘That movie was so funny’ she said cheerfully

‘You were laughing your big ass off’ I replied

Giggling, while she mixed the rice with a pinch of salt.

‘So where are we going to next?’ she asked

‘British Museum isn’t too far away’ I took a gentle bite off my chicken thigh ‘have you been there before?’


‘Would you like to get some knowledge?’ I asked with a cheeky smile

She took a sip from her glass of lemonade.

‘Yeah, sure Ahmed’


Loving-Lisa was amazed when we got to the British museum. Her iphone was clicking away, snapping every sculptures, idols and drawings we came across. Then, I took her to the Asian section to show her the ancient pride of Asia. She was overwhelmed by the ancient Asian technology and jewelleries.

‘That was amazing, I’m intrigued’ she said

We walked back to the station.

On that ten minutes’ walk back to Charing- Cross station, I got my comedy brain on. The trains was all laughter, Lisa was becoming a nuisance to the other passengers.

‘stoooop itttt’ I mimicked her.

She giggled even louder. We were in Gravesend within 40 minutes.


Lights on and shoes off.

‘Make yourself comfortable’ she said with a wink

I watched her booty balance away to the bedroom

Lisa’s apartment was not what I expected. Her living room is captivating with bright colours. Black television set and sound system, white wallpaper plastered with red roses, green mini rug on a wooden floor, two white sofas with six Irish flag cushion. There was a picture of her son, Leighton just next to the imac sitting on the desk by the corner. On the wall behind the TV was a Malcolm x painting, on the wall to my left was a drawing of Ghandi and right wall had a photo of Michael Collins hung up.

‘She has everything’ I thought

Lisa appeared in a black lace bikini with a red silky dressing gown. Her pale skin shone through a morning star.

‘You wanna come to the bedroom’ she seductively said

Her look was waking up the beast. A sneaky check to make sure my condom was in my back pocket. Ok, I’m good.

‘Yeah babe’ I said.


Her bedroom is something like a shrine. A picture of a cat-woman and there are four yankee candles placed at each corner of the bed.  White bed sheet sprinkled with flowers, I was gently laid on it by goddess-Lisa. It felt like I was under a spell; kiss my lips while unbuttoning my shirt. Her left hand is sunk into my afro while her right is used to stabilize my jaw. Lisa is an excellent kisser, she sucks in my top lip and uses her tongue to carcass it. Down she went, to lick my neck, and then down to my chest, the beast was on ‘cloud six’ at this moment. She sucked my nipples like there was something coming out from it. I was in a haze. Down she went, planting kisses in a straight line until she got to my belt buckle. I remove it then she saw……..THE BEAST!

Oh the shock on her face, it was rock solid!

‘wow baby’ she said

And before I could speak, she pounced on the beast. She turned it to a water fountain. The blow job felt like my soul was going to leave my body. She took my right hand and placed it on her head. Lisa is a professional mehn! I took that opportunity to feel on her breast. Her nipples were so hard, and then the beast in me took over.

I grabbed her and threw her on the bed, managed to remove her knickers in one piece. I ate her out. She was so wet, she moaned so loud, she wrapped her legs round me, then………… she ‘came’.

‘Fuck me now’ she said



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