Advertising in Developing World

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As it is well known, the term “developing country” applies to most African, Latin American, Caribbean, and Asian countries, as well as some countries in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. What is not often well–known is that the definition of a developing country is generally based on that country’s annual per capita income. Indeed, developing countries are most often defined following the World Bank classification (World Bank, 2006). A country’s classification as a developing country is therefore not often based on the availability of skilled human resources and expertise or ICT readiness. Although a country’s income level should be a good indicator of its development status, this is not always the case since a characteristic of developing countries is sometimes an inability to translate economic wealth into development.

Advertising on the other hand can be defined as any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services through mass media such as newspapers, magazines, television or radio by an identified sponsor

it is also used by businesses and non-profit organisations to communicate messages about themselves, their products, services, and causes. Advertising is used to inform, persuade and remind the audience, two examples of advertising campaigns with very different objectives are included here.

Problems associated with nigeria as developing country

1) Nigeria covers a large area of land and has a variety of landforms
2) Poverty
3) illiteracy
4) unskilled man power
5) generalists instead of professionals
6) diseases.

Advertising research has focused exclusively on the solitary subject at the expense of understanding the role that advertising plays within the social contexts of group interaction.

Advertising in the developing countries has been used as an element to induce the people to buy product that are of low qualities.

though advertising law stipulates that a little exaggeration is needed to compel consumers to buy a produt, it has been observed ina a developing country that more of exaggeration is used as we no longer deal with professional but generalists who believe they know what the consumers really want

they play with the human psychology, that is why in an advertising firm you will always find a psychologist to choose the correct word that will walk right into the buyers brain even though he/she does not need the product.

It is really a gain on the part of the advertisers as it fetches consumers for them, the agency as it fetches money while we may call it a pain on the part of some consumers as some do not really get what they want from the product especially when the product has no close substitute eg. PHCN

In conlusion, the advertising industry is experiencing a stage of rapid development in most of the developing countries especially Nigeria, as evidenced by the increasing number of advertising agencies and total billings

Oguntuase Anuoluwapo Ola
Mass Communication

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Submitted: March 03, 2008

As itis well known, the term “developing country” applies to most African, Latin American, Caribbean, and Asian countries, as well as... Read Chapter

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