Six Gun Western

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Old west, humor, gun fight,

Submitted: February 28, 2012

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Submitted: February 28, 2012




Six Gun Theater Brings You Tonight’s Story from Six Gun Territory

Staring: Pretty Mrs. Kitten and Marshall Lawrence Dillon


The story begins with the Marshall going into the Palace Saloon to ask Mrs. Kitten about what he had heard, that Johnny Durango was throwing rumors around town.  That he was going to do Mrs. Kitten in, because she had seen him murder the towns Chinese laundry owner, Gee Dam Dirty.


The Marshall walks in through the front swinging doors and sees Mrs. Kitten setting in the back of the saloon with the piano player.  The Marshall goes over to the bartender and asks for a fresh cup of coffee.  Then he walks over to Mrs. Kitten.


“Morning Luke,” the piano player.  “ Morning Marshall!”  Marshall looks a Mrs. Kitten and says, “ morning Mrs. Kitten, mighty pretty dress your a wearing this morning!”  Mrs. Kitten looks at the Marshall and says, “ thank you Marshall, you look tired!”  “Yeah, out early this morning looking for Johnny Durango, he killed Gee Dam Dirty and I heard you are the only witness!”  “ You are right Marshall, I went over late yesterday to get my laundry, and as I walked in Johnny Durango shot Gee Dam Dirty!”  “ And yes he saw me and ran out the back door!”  “ Well I guess that explains why you aren’t wearing a brasher this morning, Mrs. Kitten!”  “Why Marshall, thank you for noticing, I didn’t know you were checking me out that closely!”  Marshall putting his head down a little, “ well can’t keep from noticing the nice view, as low as that pretty dress is cut in the front!”


About that time the swinging door burst open and a shot is fired!  The Marshall whirls around whips out his six-shooter and shoots Johnny Durango right between the eyes!  The Marshall looks back at Mrs. Kitten and she has just been grazed in the left arm.  The Marshall says to Mrs. Kitten, “ we better get you over to see the Doc!”  Mrs. Kitten says, “ No, I’m okay, just a scratch, need to get up to my room to clean it up!”  “Why don’t you come up anyway Marshall in case I do need some attention, plus you could check out that nice view you were talking about earlier from the comfort of my room!”  Marshall looks at Mrs. Kitten and says, “ Yeah, that sounds good, I mean, yeah, you might need a little help with that wound!”


They both smile and walk up the stairs together!


The End

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