Forward to the Past

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Christian Writers

Strange-looking aliens from a former human space colony team up with a sentient dog to travel to the past and save Jesus Christ from crucifixion. Sequel to IDOLS, WHEN MUSES DIE, and OF DOGS AND
MEN. Continues in DEUS EX NARNIA.

4010 AD, Planet Lalande 21185 a (Voznesenye)



Rrrrrrrrrrrr. That’s all I can say for now. Seriously, what were they thinking? They didn’t bother taking their own food (frankly, that’s a relief – I can’t stand the smell of kerosene), but what about me? I am a living, breathing creature, after all. I need to eat to survive, in the words of antique cynics or whatever. I’m telling you, I won’t tolerate such anticanism! What? There’s no such word? Then I just made it up, fellow sentient beings, to remind you that I’ve retained my brain functions and linguistic capabilities. Unlike certain other individuals who shall remain unnamed.

Alright. As they would say in the local lingo Martyn is so fond of using – “Einstein, rant out”.  To parody that style further, I imagine I would have written something like that: dear diary, I’m so excited today, I’m the first dog ever to board a time-space machine, invented only a few months ago by the genius scientist Doctor Yemelyan Ivanovich Brhwxzgn on the planet Voznesenye, may the Anointed One bless it, blah-blah-blah, blah-blah.

And no, don’t ask me where Doc got his weird name from. All the Vozs have those comically long circus freak names. Doc explained to Martyn once that the first two parts of those names always honor the Ancient Ones, those who first colonized Voznesenye two thousand years ago or something. I don’t know and I don’t care, especially when I got no bone to gnaw now and nothing guarantees its presence in the foreseeable future. Which, actually, is going to be the past! Confused? Me too!

Merciful Gods! Truly, I am the first dog to travel back in time and space! If this is not the sign of forgiveness for the sins of our family’s infamous progenitor, I don’t know what is. I’m just too overwhelmed to bark! Of course, Doc and Martyn will take all the glory, because I’m undercover – wink, wink! – but inner satisfaction trumps petty ambitions, is that not so? Vanity, I despise thee! May an honest prayer make me forget the unpleasant emptiness of my stomach and the involuntary secretion of the salivating glands of my mouth. After all, we are going to the past! History is about to be made! Or… unmade?



Man, I can’t sleep… Mom would say: overexcitement. Oh yeah? Read all my seven lips, suckers: I… am… going… to… the… past. In time and space. Eat that, Principal Strzxzxqd! I guess my parents won’t be grounding me anymore because of that little accident during our band rehearsal. Dad and Gug actually took it pretty well, but Mom freaked out. I thought maybe they’ll get really worried if I just leave like that, but Doc told me time flows differently in different spaces and dimensions and all. So maybe they won’t even notice I was gone.

Yup. I’m traveling with Doc and Einstein to the homeland of the Ancient Ones! Me, Martyn Georgievich Mcflxghy! Can you imagine? That’s, like, 4000 years into the past! Just think of it! Four frickin thousand years! For comparison, I’ve just turned 171 yesterday. Doc was angry at first and said I was too young, he doesn’t want to take stupid hundredagers with him, I’ll endanger his mission and all that crap. But then he admitted he was old and needed an assistant. Ha!

Anyways. The hardest part is going to be not seeing Sveto. In case you don’t know – Sveto is my birlfriend. Our girlfriend Zina is going to Mensk anyway, she needs to buy some new shoes, her last pentad got ruined by the acid rain yesterday. Girls. Can’t live with them, can’t just stick to the birls, right? Haha. I gotta tell you, Sveto took it hard. It cried all night yesterday. Zina is in the big city, I’m going through time and space and all, so who is going to take care of me, it said. We even had a fight. I said, Svetochko, in order to be a good triad we gotta respect each other’s feelings and give each other space, right? In the end it calmed down. Everyone knows birls have those mood swings, even my own Gug does sometimes. Never mind, it knows we both love it, the little rascal.

So that’s it. We are going back in time and space to save one very important Ancient One and change history! I told Doc, what if we change our present too? He said nah, don’t worry, youngster, everything is going to be okay! I really hope so, but sometimes I just start thinking – what if?



October 52, 1880 – a date that shall enter history! I have made the necessary calculations – according to the calendar of the Ancient Ones, this is the year 4010 since the birth of that wonderful person they call Jesus Christ. Yes, the Ancient Ones have disappeared without a trace, and their ancestral planet Earth does not exist anymore. But I, Doctor Yemelyan Ivanovich Brhwxzgn from the planet Voznesenye, which was colonized almost two thousand years ago by the great Alexei Vitalyevich Men and his people, have done the impossible – invented a time-space machine. With my assistant Martyn and Einstein, a non-sentient, speechless alien creature we have discovered at the outskirts of our capital city Mensk a few months ago, I shall travel in time and space to that fateful year when the foolish Ancient Ones executed their best specimen. And, by the grave of my three parents, we will save him!

Every single document I could find and research clearly indicated the superiority of Jesus Christ to any other Ancient One who has ever lived. Naturally, all those stories about him being divine and rising from the dead are just myths. Sadly, even Alexei Men himself, the father of our civilization, who has taught the once savage Vozs everything we know, was apparently not free from sharing those superstitions. He claimed in one of his books that it is precisely the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that changed everything. Nonsense! Imagine how much more that outstanding person could have done if he lived longer! No, do not imagine – follow us on our journey, and you will see the results with your own nine eyes!



First things first: I was certainly not prepared for that. Our ancestors, may their tongues be pink and wet for all eternity, might have been standing low on the ladder of civilization, yet their barking was articulate, and their essence illuminated by the light of the mind. But here, on the ancient planet Earth, four thousand years into the past, I have discovered an ignoble, tail-numbing fact: dogs who could not speak. In vain have I attempted to attract their interest by reading aloud the greatest poems of my homeland and communicating, as a pious dog should, by reverently quoting the Holy Scripture. The mindless heathens savagely attacked me, and only thanks to my valiant spirit and innate dexterity I managed to escape.

Oh the times! Oh the customs! Well, to be honest, I’m not exactly a saint myself. As they say, I’m a dog, and nothing canine is alien to me. I have to admit, the bitches here are hot. Saw a white one yesterday near Jerusalem – beautiful hips, short tail barely covering what they call the “cavern of angelic pleasure”; cute little snout just begging for a long, tongue-twisting kiss. I introduced myself and engaged in playful, flirtatious sniffing. And what do you know – a veritable horde of nightmarish hounds assaulted me before I could bark a word in my defense. The brutes!

But I digress. My apologies. I am not writing this diary only to depict my foiled amorous escapades. In fact, my intention was primarily to document my triumph as an undercover agent. In case you, kind hypothetical reader, haven’t yet figured it out, I was sent to prevent Doc from succeeding in his mad endeavor – save the Anointed One of the planet Earth! Such folly! Everyone in the civilized part of the Galaxy knows that the Anointed One, in that shape or another, is always sent to suffer, die, and spring back to eternal life in order to cleanse us mortal creatures from our sins. Tampering with the delicate fabric of mysterious divine plans will surely lead to a terrible disaster!

And now comes my full confession… Alas, from the very onset I have fallen prey to curiosity, that tool the demons use frequently to beguile our weak souls! I was supposed to crush the time-space machine, but decided against it, too tempted to embark on this incredible journey. I have therefore duly prepared intoxicating materials for the two Vozs, intending to pilot the machine back to their planet and destroy it there before any change to reality has been made. But then… Ah, my heart aches and the fur on my snout rises in deep shame! I missed the moment when Doc and Martyn, scaring away almost the entire population of Jerusalem with their understandably alien appearance (I’ll never get used to those succulent pores on their faces, just below the finger-teeth holding the liver), removed the Anointed One from his cross and carried him over to one of his disciples, knowing well that the damage done to his body was not yet irreversible, thus saving his life. Meanwhile, I was too busy running away like a coward from those mean wild dogs, because I could not contain the urges of the flesh…

Such an unspeakable humiliation, such a disgrace! Were I not a sincere believer in our Anointed One, I would have killed myself according to the old pagan tradition of our family. There is no excuse to what I did! How on Earth – or elsewhere – will I ever be able to undo it?



So, after we saved that Jesus fellow, Doc got all proud and said he’d like to see how that affected the history of Earth before we return back to Voznesenye. Alrighty, I thought, why not. Doc is such a big baby sometimes. Anyways, we went back to the time-space machine and Doc started typing in years and all that. He said he wanted to “explore history in its continuity while evaluating the temporal curve” or whatever other gibberish. Everywhere we stopped he sent out a tiny droid camera to make videos, collect info, and so on. That took a while, and with each new result he got darker in both faces.

“Martyn,” he said eventually, half of his eyes wide open. “I’m beginning to think that we might have committed a grave error!”

Einstein started barking like crazy when he heard that (he was generally acting nuts ever since we left). Doc didn’t pay attention and continued:

“Take a look at the information we have gathered in the year 452. In the unaltered version of the Earth’s history, Pope Leo convinced Attila the Hun to retreat from Rome. But since we saved Jesus Christ, Christianity was never founded; Jesus was venerated among most Jews as a highly respected rabbi, but for some reason nobody has ever claimed he was divine in this timeline – and without that claim, this religion loses its very foundation. No Christianity means no bishops, no bishops means no Pope, no Pope means Attila the Hun eradicating the Empire rather than trying to integrate his people into its system, as the later Germanic, halfway Christianized conquerors did. The European continent lies in ruins – and since, without Christianity, the city of Constantinople was also never built, nobody was left to preserve the great antique civilization of Greece and Rome. Their achievements in philosophy, science, and arts have as much as evaporated!”

I listened to this abracadabra patiently and said:

“Doc, what have you been smoking? History, shmistory – we saved a good guy’s life, how can that be bad? People are always people, no? They are the ones who make history. They’ll figure out something is wrong, and fix it. Right?”

“I’m now doubting that, Martyn!” Doc said in that comically tragic voice of his. “I’m doubting that! What if Alexei Men was right? What if history is a combination of our choices with… that unknown divine will he wrote so much about?”

He looked so miserable that I patted him on the lower shoulder and offered him a sulfur cookie – he likes those a lot. So Doc ate a few bites, but couldn’t calm down and went on:

“Now look at the year 610. In the original timeline, a man named Muhammad founded Islam, a religion based on simplified Judaism with some concepts taken from Christianity. This gave birth to a new civilization that inherited the scientific knowledge of the Byzantine Empire and later provoked the Crusades, inadvertently breathing new life into the decaying Europe. But in our reality, Muhammad had no model to imitate, Arabia remained polytheistic, and descendants of Huns and Germanic tribes have expanded to the Middle East.”

“And that is bad because?” I said carefully. I was bored by that crap, and really, really missing Zina and Sveto! Ah, my girl and my birl, when will I be able to hug you both and… you know… make out?

But Doc looked dead serious. He kept throwing dates and digging out some historical facts nobody cared about. I think that in the end he managed to prove to himself that by the year 2121 (for some reason, that one year was hugely important to him) there was no space flight in this reality, because there was no scientific development, because there was no concept that nature was our sister rather than a god, and that concept was only given to us through the revelation of the Bible, and… and then I just dozed off. I was frickin tired, man!

But then I saw this really weird dream. There was, like, a dude walking up to me, and when I saw his face (yeah, forgot to mention those funny Earth guys only have one each) I thought I recognized Jesus Christ. He told me he forgave me because I didn’t know what I was doing, or something like this. Then he told me he loved me (gaaaay!) and everything was going to be okay, because some “dog” has sinned and will have to atone. “Dog”? What the heck is that?



I am devastated.

How could I be so blind? I, the genius scientist Doctor Yemelyan Ivanovich Brhwxzgn, the inventor of magnetic semi-bicycles, polychromatic cell-regenerating sulfur cookies (optional strawberry taste!), as well as revolutionary three-way birth control pills for men, women, and bomen? How could I overlook such an elementary fact?

It pains me to admit it, but I was overtaken by a horrible prejudice. Without knowing, I have adhered to a certain philosophy – that of materialism. But a true scientific mind can’t be bound by any philosophical concept! A real scientist accepts reality and analyzes facts without letting any preconception distract him from the search for truth. I have dismissed Jesus’ resurrection simply because I did not believe a man could rise from the dead. Yet by doing so, I have made a glaring omission: were his resurrection not a fact – witnessed and documented by too many people, uncontested and unexplained by the greatest detractors – a religion called Christianity would have never been born. Had his disciples the tiniest bit of doubt, they would have never gathered miraculous, inexplicable strength and courage they lacked so much during Jesus’ ministry, enabling them to deliver the gospel to other countries, sacrificing their lives, and completely transforming the world. The evidence is too overwhelming! To quote an old book from Alexei Men’s collection: once we eliminate the impossible, whatever remains – however improbable – must be the truth.

Even if I play the role of the devil’s advocate, even if I mobilize the entire skeptical resources of my mind, I cannot fathom a more puzzling historical event than this bizarre, convoluted tale, ridiculed by law-abiding Jews and philosophically trained Greeks alike, marching forward relentlessly, conquering the world against all odds, unstoppable even after three hundred years of cruel persecution. Something extraordinary must have happened to conceive such a phenomenon!

And even later, when Constantine attempted to bind faith to his kingdom and darkness started creeping in again – was not the world already transfigured enough to eventually become a better place? The first Christian Empire, the successor of the proud Romans on the Bosphorus, had the first hospitals, the first organized charity system, the first philosophy that truly elevated human mind above everything else but God. And before it died, it passed its culture and knowledge to its Muslim conquerors and the impoverished Europe. Later on, amidst the terrible corruption of the Roman Church, was not the spirit of truth alive like never before? When the hierarchs of its Church sinned, were the people not aware of how far away they were from the ideal of Christ, prompting them to defend the truth with unseen determination and vigor?

But above all, how could I have overlooked the staunch, unshakable fact – science, the love of my life and my actual deity, took its modern shape in the heart of a Christian civilization, in the minds of Christian people! Bacon, Descartes, Leibnitz, Newton, Pascal, Boyle, Kepler, Copernicus, Faraday – all these great men, and many others like them, were deeply pious believers in Christ the Savior. They were encouraged to study and explore the world by their religion, which hailed them as the living images of God, unafraid of nature, preparing to be its benevolent master. Only a prejudiced mind could obstinately dwell on the abuses of churchmen instead of sensing the power of faith flowing through so many other, nobler vessels!

And now I have destroyed it all! I have destroyed my homeland as well! In the true reality, thanks to the Christian scientists, space was no longer considered a scary domain of dangerous gods – it was part of the wonderful universe entrusted to us by our Creator. And so, space flight was eventually invented. In the year 2121, escaping from a war-torn Earth, Alexei Men and his people boarded a spaceship, traveled to the planet they later called Voznesenye, and gave civilization to its inhabitants. Yet by saving Jesus Christ, I annihilated Christianity, stopped all the processes it started in human minds, and brought forth a bleak world where scientific advances have never taken place, where Earth was divided between the isolated Empires of the Goths and the Mongols, and where my own people have never received their precious gifts. What have I done? What have I done?!



Long time ago, when I was just a puppy, I was struck by the words of the Anointed One, preserved to us by St. Canis the Witness: “Truly, giving yourself to the Gods completely is the only way to eternal bliss”. Powerful words… They keep ringing in my head now. And a tiny voice is telling me they better be true.

I guess I had a choice. I could just dig out my portable spaceship and fly back to Cynia. Home, sweet home – family, friends, parties with bitches, all-you-can-eat bone buffets, et cetera. But how could I? Seeing those two poor idiots weeping over their lost civilization, knowing that I could have – and should have – prevented that… It’s just too much. Also, I don’t know exactly how those reality changes work, but what if my planet’s present has also been changed? What if I fly home and discover a pack of wild creatures like those Jerusalem hounds running around with their tongues outside?

So I did what I had to do. While Doc was standing outside on his five knees, throwing ashes over his heads, and Martyn was trying to console him with a glass of twenty-year-old benzene, I jumped into the time-space machine.

Yes. I know what you’re waiting for. All I need to do is just go back to the moment before the machine was sent to Earth, and destroy it, right? Wrong. Because that way, a paradox would be created – one me still continuing his linear existence in that time, another me coming from the future towards the same point. Paradoxes like that could damage the time-space continuum, and only Gods know what that would do to the universe. It’s best not to tamper with the creation.

So there is only one thing I can do now. I’ll travel back to the past and detonate the machine with me still being inside it. A part of my feeble brain knows that the “other” me will see the explosion, ascribe it to the providence, and head back to Cynia, alive and well, mission accomplished. But another part – the by far stronger one – also knows that, no matter how, no matter what, I will die now. I can dress it up all I want, but there is no way around that.

Am I scared? Well, I won’t lie – of course I am. Do I firmly believe that I have atoned for everything and what awaits me is a reunion with the Gods? I do, and yet I can’t help being more scared than ever before in my life. The brain of a dog is such a mystery – such a contradictory, unreliable tool. Truly, salvation is in faith alone, and good works will follow.

There is a legend in my family. It is said that our ancestor was among those who killed the Anointed One. Maybe he repented later – the sources describing his ultimate fate are scarce and obscure. But I always felt I was born under a curse. Who knows, maybe what I’m about to do now is going to break it.

This is it, then. Please excuse the uneven style of writing. Good-bye, and hopefully see you in another life. Thank you so much, kind reader, and rest assured that I will always remain respectfully yours,

Gabriel Inumoto.



Submitted: October 21, 2015

© Copyright 2021 Oleg Roschin. All rights reserved.

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I really, really, really like this. The different voices of the characters is awesome. The brief history lessons (in a way) and the impact of Christianity.
Amazing short story!

Sat, April 9th, 2016 4:10am


Thank you for your kind comment, Sylvermyst! :)

Fri, April 8th, 2016 9:42pm

Mike Stevens

Such an interesting premise--going back in time to save Jesus, and the unforeseen consequences of doing so. I also like the talking dog characters--reminds me of a story I wrote about a dog that could talk, but had to act like he couldn't, and like he couldn't understand what humans were saying, even though he could understand very well. I find the thought of animals being a lot more intelligent than we think, a humorous topic. All-in-all, an excellent, inventive tale!

Wed, April 27th, 2016 5:29pm


Thank you very much for your kind comment, Mike! Gabriel Inumoto (the dog here) is actually a descendant of the dog who betrayed the "Jesus" of their world (the dog planet Cynia). Those events (as well as the foundation of Cynia) are described in the story "Of Dogs and Men" ( Hope you'll like that one as well :-)

Wed, April 27th, 2016 11:10pm


Wow, absolutely astonishing, I loved your vivid word-choice! The whole story was brilliantly written, great job on this!

Wed, June 1st, 2016 3:58pm


Thank you so much for your kind feedback! I'm glad you liked this story, it doesn't seem to be particularly popular :-()

Wed, June 1st, 2016 9:54am


This was very different from any piece I've read, in a good way. I really enjoyed the different points of view. It definitely captures the readers attention.

Wed, June 1st, 2016 7:08pm


Thank you for your feedback! :-)

Wed, June 1st, 2016 7:22pm

Norman K

Wow...where does one begin? First, on the lighter side - Doc and Martyn? A brand of shoes? Shoes cover feet, and another name for feet? Dogs. I hope this was intended.
Next, I believe that you expertly frame one of my constant thoughts; history is not something that has's something that is happening. It's being made at all times. I think we confuse history with the past. You have this ability to clear this up - in my mind, anyway. And speaking of minds...your imagination could be used as a prison for those who don't have one, while at the same time, be an adventure park for those of us who do. We don't get to consume this kind of writing enough. Your tempo of prose is equal to any piece of music that has graced my ears. The ability to take historical people and their actions, and combine it with the supposition of imaginative narration is inspiring. I found this story very easy to follow and, like all of your work, worthy of anyone's bookshelf. You've given me cause for jealousy, if indeed I suffered from such a thing.


Sat, June 4th, 2016 3:59pm


Thank you so much for your kind and insightful feedback, Norman! I'm glad you liked this story, I had a lot of fun writing it, but some readers found it too nerdy and confusing :-) Anyway, this was intended as a parody of the movie "Back to the Future", featuring the genius scientist Doc Brown, the teenager Marty McFly, and a dog named Einstein. Since the scientist and the teenager are aliens in this story, and since their planet was colonized by Russian space travelers, they bear Russian names alongside unpronounceable local last names.

Doc is most probably a descendant of the murderous composer Ivan from my story "When Muses Die".

As for Gabriel Inumoto ("Einstein"), he is most certainly a descendant of a dog who betrayed Ben Kelev, the "Jesus" of the planet Cynia in my story "Of Dogs and Men".

Like I said... nerdy :-/

Sat, June 4th, 2016 10:12am


"But since we saved Jesus Christ, Christianity was never found." Very funny!!! That's because he had to save us, not the other way round. And only a man who dies can turn into a myth and legend. Very funny too the one with the Huns. What would be Europe like if they had invaded it? We would be all eating raw meat, sleeping on horseback and being nomads or somethings like that hahaha! Einstein is a very good name for a dog, I saw it in a movie I don't remember the name...A message a bit similar to "In a grove" isn't it?

Thu, July 14th, 2016 10:57pm


Haha, Einstein is the dog from "Back to the Future" :-) Doc and Marty(n) are the protagonists of that movie as well. The message here seems to be the opposite of "In a Grove" - there, changing the future is encouraged, while here it leads to a disaster. However, in both cases it is important to analyze the situation and realize why things are happening... Thank you for your comment, my friend :-)

Thu, July 14th, 2016 6:12pm


I really like how you separated the different characters so that we could hear what they individually were thinking throughout the story. Overall it was pretty good! It was easy to read, pleasant to the eyes (no punctuation or grammar errors). The story did become a bit hard to follow at times, and I do think if there was more action and dialogue, it would be easier to follow instead of mostly just their thoughts as if they were journal entries. The paragraphs did get a bit long at times but it seemed like they were split at good places, overall it was a good well written story.

Fri, August 25th, 2017 6:46am


Thank you for your feedback! :) I do think this is one of my hardest-to-read pieces, which must be the reason for its low popularity with the readers. Nobody ever chooses it to comment on, and most of the feedback is somehow... restrained compared to what I get for some of my catchier stories ;) That's a pity, because I like this particular story of mine :) It has important ideas and I think Inumoto's sacrifice in the end is touching, especially for someone who has read about his ancestor in "Of Dogs and Men".

That said - you are right, it's hard to follow, and its (deliberate) diary format slows down action and leaves no place for dialogue. I deliberately wrote it in a heavy, "intellectualized" style reminiscent of Stanislaw Lem, but I might have overdone it. Also, it's the first story where I describe those weird aliens (Vozs), and I might have dwelt too long on the particularities of their anatomy :-()

Fri, August 25th, 2017 12:14am

B Douglas Slack

Normally, I read the comments first on most stories, but I wanted to read this "cold", without any other judgements to cloud the issue.

I love the format. Journal entries make some fascinating prose, but on the other hand, a little dialogue goes a long way. In the middle, I got a sense of being lectured by a knowledgeable Prof. My mind tended to wander and I had to go back and read sentences over again without skipping forward.

By far, Einstein was the most interesting figure in the story. His insights from the canine level were the most enlightening. By the end of the story, I was wondering if he were the central figure, where Doc and Martyn were only supporting figures.

A lot of the subtle references to modern times may have gone over reader's heads. I liked the passing references to "birls" and "bowmen", plus the interesting visions of triads and what they might be like. This, unfortunately, diverted me from the main story, I think.

I am not a very religious person. Years ago, I was initiated into Shamanism. This is the religious practices of Native Americans. They, and I, believe that all things in nature have a form of life and can be used to guide oneself through the travails of living day-to-day. In some circles, I get a lot of vacant looks or downright hostile stares. This story, although learned, I can see might come of as troubling or a little offensive to the deeply religious. Myself, I found it quite entertaining. I did get a lot of the buried references to our own recent past, but considering some of the comments you received, they didn't.

I would venture to say that this story would be met with an entirely different take by members of The Next Big Writer, of which I am a member. Most of the reviewers there are published writers (as I hope to be soon) and they sometimes tend to be quite honest in what they say.


Sat, August 26th, 2017 6:14pm


Thank you for this insightful comment, Bill! I really appreciate it! :)

Sat, August 26th, 2017 12:05pm


review chain

This was very well written, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really liked how well you managed to transition between all the characters.

Thu, August 31st, 2017 8:00pm


Thank you!

Thu, August 31st, 2017 7:11pm


I liked the Back to the Future-esque vibe. It's a very unique story, with really creative characters. I know this is a sequel, so maybe that's why I felt a bit lost as to how they all ended up together and other plot details.

But, for what it was, it was a really interesting story, showing that if you are a Christian or not, you've got to respect the positive impact it has had over our world as a whole. The Doc and Martyn characters instantly reminded me of Doc and Marty, I'm sure that's what you were going for.

I was not expecting the Einstein sacrifice as well, even if it seemed characteristic for him. It was a fitting end to the story too, with him constantly looking for forgiveness for the Gods. Good work, the sequel should be good too.

Thu, December 28th, 2017 6:30pm


Thank you very much! Yes, of course all the characters are weird alien versions of the Back to the Future movies. A really strange thing, though, is that I wrote this story exactly ONE DAY before Doc and Marty arrived in the future - October 20, 2015 - by pure coincidence, I wasn’t even thinking of the date! :))

There isn’t much explanation concerning the aliens “Vozs” (Doc and Martyn) in my previous stories, other than the general fact that they were colonized by Alexei Men, the brother of Max from “Scarlet Beast”, hence their Russian names. I’m currently writing a story that depicts the first encounter between humans and Vozs.

The one thing that helps to understand Einstein’s background better is the fact that he is a descendant of Inumoto Kenichi, one of those dogs that betrayed Ben Kelev, the “Jesus” of the dog planet. This is described in the story “Of Dogs and Men”.

Thu, December 28th, 2017 7:44pm

Ramon Galaxure

The story truly flows really well. I liked the different characters specifically their voices. Very very interesting plot with no errors in the grammar that hinders. Keep it up!

Thu, February 8th, 2018 4:56pm


Thank you, Ramon! I'm glad that you liked it :))

Thu, February 8th, 2018 9:25am

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