If Life Were a Dance

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017



Life is but a dance,

A crazy frenzy of sounds and sights,

Airy skirts billowing all around as

The dancers carry on in whichever way may

Please them.

Each with their own steps,

Their own party to have,

But only together they make it

A dance, one for each of them to enjoy.


I step onto the floor, and

The world swirls with colors,

Engulfing my senses, drowning me in

Their brightness and reality.

Lost in the realness,

I stumble and trip,

Hands outstretched,

Trying to find my way through the sea teeming with life.


Most times, eyes don’t help,

I only see as far as hands can reach.

They deceive, don’t show me everything.

Oh, I wish I knew the truth!

But my mind, my thoughts, my heart,

They know more truth than me,

Guiding me along in the worst of the storms.


And the music, oh the music!

It surrounds me, I sense it,

See it, hear it.

I hear it.

I listen for the beat, and there it is.

Another helping hand to

Guide me.

A lull in tempo, and a calm rushes over me.

I take a deep breath, but then the music speeds up and

I’m back in again.

No two beats are ever the same,

And each new one thrills me,

Captures me in its warm embrace.

I spin in these arms, hoping

To see more than my thoughts or eyes allow.

A twist, and a new angle is shown.

A turn, and a whole new

Perspective would set in.

I am carried along, lost in the crazy mindlessness of it all.

Not careful, I bump into others,

Crash into their dance, their story.

Some will welcome me, others won’t,

But there’s always a pleasure seeing

How they will react to my presence.


All those on the floor,

All of them are different.

From their carefully chosen, or spontaneous moves

To the way they behave and make their way

Across the floor and through their dance,

They all have something new,

Something different to add to the rhythm

Of this dance.

A bright smile,

A melancholy sigh.

Some will give up,

Tired of the same old thing with nothing or no one

New to share it with.

Some will try their hardest to match every beat and tempo and

Still mess up.

Some will grow tired and will retire

To rest.

No dancer is perfect, and some will know that,

And try to be the

Best they can be.

But then the music changes,

Slows to a crawl,  

And the dancer changes with it,

Slowly, so slowly, until…


If life were a dance,

I’d dance to remember,

I’d dance to forget,

To learn and to grow.

If life were a dance,

I’d keep dancing and dancing until

My feet grew tired,

My mind full of warm memories,

My heart full of joy.

When my time would be up, I’d gladly leave the floor,

Ready to give someone else a turn to

Live and experience the crazy happiness I had.

© Copyright 2020 Olga K. All rights reserved.

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