Richard and Margarita

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Nice story about love

Submitted: August 02, 2015

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Submitted: August 02, 2015



 Once upon a time it was a little boy in the Lunar Alps near the Sea of Rains. His name was Richard. The boy had curly brown shoulder-length hair and big brown eyes. He liked to wear a long black robe, black slacks, black shoes. In the place where he lived, there was no water, and never rained. But often, sitting on the edge of the Sea of Rains, he dreamed that he sees the rain and hear him. In his little house was an ancient magic book, which describes the history of the moon and its nearest neighboring Planet of Earth, where he read about rains. 

Since the moon was attacked by soldiers from Mars all lunar spaceship broke down. The smartest and the most skilled craftsmen were forced into slavery, so there was no one to fix them. Flights to other planets ceased. He sat and dreamed of how to decipher ancient writings, fix one of the starships, flies to the Earth and walk in the rain.

At the same time on the Earth in the Alps in a wonderful brick house lived a little girl. Her name was Margarita. She had gorgeous long hair. She wore bright gowns, long, long, and a pair of high - heeled shoes. By night, she would come  out on the porch of her house with a cup of tea and biscuits, especially in days of the full moon, and look at the moon and the stars. On clear nights  the Sea of Rains was clearly seenin the telescope . Margaret didn't know about Richard, he wasn't noticeable in her telescope, but for some reason, when she looked to the moon she was waiting for something big and joyful.

Once Margaret became very ill, and for a long time did not come out to look at the moon. She missed those nights when she could do it. Doctors advised the girl to sleep more to recover and was given a sleeping pill. In one of those sad nights, after drinking the medicine, she fell asleep. And she dreamed that she flew to the moon. Her flying ship landed on the very edge of the Sea of Rains. And in the dream she saw Richard. He went out to meet her, smiling. The boy didn't speak the human  language, but they understood each other without words. He was astonished by the beauty of Margarita  and  he rushed toward her, tightly hugged her and kissed her. He gave her moon cocktail and showed her high mountains and deep craters of the moon. They played together in the lunar dust. At this point, the girl woke up. She looked around, but she was surrounded by the usual earthly toys, including an old Teddy bear, her dresser, table, where she loved to draw.
Since that night moon boy came to her dreams almost every night. Together they walked on the moon, she taught him earthly language, gave him to try earth food. 

She began to miss him during the day  and  wrote him letters about what was happening to her during the day.
So it's been a few years. The girl grew up. It almost couldn't have hoped to meet the boy from his dream, because so many years she was asked  God about it, and he did not appear. 
But one day she was picking flowers in a meadow near the house and suddenly it started raining. She wanted to run home, but heard a strange sound behind her. Margarita looked around and saw the moon boy from her dreams. He stood wet and confused.
All these years he spent their days studying ancient books, built a spaceship and learned to control it and was able to determine the weather on Earth. He
calculated, when the Earth is going to rain, and came to walk in the rain, because it was his biggest dream.

The girl took his hand (she was not frightened, because for many years Margarita  knew him from her dreams), and led to her house.

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