The Prince of Rain

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Fairy tale on the Prince of Rain

Submitted: July 30, 2015

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Submitted: July 30, 2015



Once upon a time it was a Princess, who was the most  beautiful in the whole world. But she did not  love  Sunny days. When the sun shone brightly, the Princess began to feel sad and  refused to go outside, where  everybody was jumping and singing.  The brightest and most fragrant flowers did not cheer  her up. Only sometimes she looked mysteriously  at white clouds.  Their best doctors were invited for her by the King - father, but none of them could offer a cure for this disease .  However, on rainy days, the Princess wore the most beautiful dresses that she ever had. She smiled mysteriously. Princess loved to walk in the rain. The fact was that she heard the call of the Prince of rain in its sounds. He sang her a soothing quiet songs, pattering. He was signalling  her with  flashes of lightning. She  has never seen how  he looked like, because  when she came to the window or ran out to the street, he disappeared quickly, but the Princess knew he was somewhere nearby. One day she came to the Church and began to pray for the Prince of rain, because he felt she loved him more than her life. He was the only person she wanted to merry, even if after this she would have to leave home and to travel around the world. She prayed long and with purpose of heart. And during the next rainy day, the Princess wore a white summer dress, made her hair beautiful and walked out on the porch to wait for HIM, the Prince  of rain. And HE descended from the clouds, picked her up and carried away  to his magical rainy country. Lightning,  they sent a farewell signal to the world and disappeared  in clouds. The Princess has  never seen after that.  In the next morning her nurse looked for her everywhere, but all was useless.

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