The ring with alexandrite

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Fairy tale about love

Submitted: August 11, 2015

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Submitted: August 11, 2015



In one Kingdom, there lived a handsome Prince. He had long black eyelashes that charmed all the girls in the Kingdom. The young man was kind and clever. He spoke several languages, knew the sky map, read a lot of books. In addition, his kindness was legendary. He fed all the homeless cats and dogs in the Kingdom. While hunting he didn't kill animals. On the window of the royal bedroom, he left the seeds for the birds. Every morning, birds flew to his window and woke the Prince  with cheerful songs. 

The Prince grew up to the delight of parents, the court, especially ladies, grandmothers and all the kings- father's friends. His childhood passed with joy. It was time to choose a bride for the Prince. 

The  King decided to organize a big ball and invite all kings of the neighbouring States. The preparation for such a great  event took several months: sending out invitations, sewing new dresses, buying gourmet dishes, ordering fine jewelry at the best Royal jewelers. One of the secrets  was a ring with alexandrite. It was intended for the  girl who would  be chosen by the Prince as his bride. This stone is blue - green during the day and red- at night, because at night the fire of love ignites in it , if it is true. 

Finally  all the preparations were completed and the day of the ball came. From the early morning carriages were coming  to the Palace. The best families of the Kingdom and neighbouring gathered for a celebration in honor of the Prince.

When everyone gathered in the great hall,  the father - king announced that today the Prince would choose a bride. The Prince will talk with all girls and ask them any questions. The Prince will give an alexandrite ring to his future wife.

The occasion began. The Prince took turns dancing with the most beautiful girls of the Kingdom and asked them all: "What matters the most to them in life?" Many of the girls answered that the most important thing was wealth, there were still a lot of options, but no one said what the Prince  wanted to hear. 

Desperately he ran out of the ballroom to the Royal Park to the most quiet and secluded corner and threw the ring  to the ground. Suddenly, he heard a noise in the bushes. And he saw a daughter of a  queen's maid. It was not allowed  for her to  go to the ball  because she never belonged to the best houses in the Kingdom, but she really wanted to see the most magnificent celebration of recent years. So she climbed into the far corner of the Royal Park and watched the dancing couples from afar and cried. She had  liked the Prince, but she did not dare to approach him. She told  about her love only  to birds  in the Royal Park. The girl picked up an alexandrite ring and gave it to the Prince: " Take it. It is yours". The Prince replied: "Thank you very much, but I did not really need it. The ring's not the most important thing in life." And then the Prince saw that the ring lit up in red. He understood that  a real love lived in the girl's heart, he did not immediately reveal girls the mystery of the ring, and asked her what was asking all girls. "And what, my dear girl, the most important thing in life?" The girl was very modest, she lowered her eyes. Cheeks sardelli, and she said quietly: "Love, even if it is not mutual, it is the most bright and beautiful thing in life." The Prince's heart leapt. He realized that he had found the one he have been looking for among princesses. He found her here in his favorite place of solitude, in the Royal Park.... So unexpectedly. He asked the girl: "Do you  love me?" And the girl replied: "I love you". "Do you agree to marry me?" And the girl whispered, "Yes." He gave her the ring with alexandrite.

He gave her his hand and they went to ask the blessing of the king - father. Young entered the ballroom and the Prince loudly announced: "This is my bride, father. I want to be  only with her because she really loves me". The father was very surprised. Courtiers with astonishment by opening their mouths. However, the father respected his son's decision and agreed to accept the girl.

And  they live happily ever after, in peace and harmony.  The Prince and his beautiful wife  had three sons and three daughters. All the children become wise and good Kings and Queens.

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