Is there room for difference

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Its a poem about someone who doesn't fit in and he uses drugs to help him self fit in. But he becomes addicted and needs help. The man then can't ask for help off he's family as he is too ashamed and takes he's own life with the drugs.

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012



hurry up and understand 
look at me with your other hand 

I've turned into a hurricane 

what about the people who I blame 
those eyes you see are my only shame 

sow the seeds and let them grow 
daylight shows and the strongest grow 

he's too small and can't be seen 
  he hides behind a green screen 

he tries to grow to fit the meadow 
but he is merely just a shadow 

now here's a question you should know 
should he grow to fit the show 

or should he stop 
and start the block 

this way he will reach the light 
with the red world insight 

clouds of thoughts 
and no support 

what's life like for those born short? 

the brambles are now too thick 
memories when I first kicked 

darkness shines over a wooden box 
the ones he loves still in shock 

rain now falls 
he can hear the calls 

the letter has now been read 
everything he should of said 

life is a delicate flower 
and sometimes can be sower 

the longer you wait it becomes night 
ask for help and see the light 

don't wait till its too late to understand. 

© Copyright 2018 Oliver Gaunt . All rights reserved.

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