You’re my everything

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Inspired by juiceworld song

Here will you ever know 

Will anyone ever notice I exist 

What’s life without happiness 

What’s life without satisfaction

Here I’m thinking about the past again 

I don’t think someone will ever do

A depressed soul I had 

Longing  for an end

Along the line I met this sad girl

You set me free

With you I realized a new world 

And she seemed to be my everything 

She was my world 

Next she was in my head 

Next thing she was in my bed 

The times i proclaimed my love

It felt like I conquered the world

I had a dream, I wish everything never happened

And I woke up really scared to death 

Cause I won’t have nothing else if you leave me

I won’t have nothing else,you’re my everything

I won’t have nothing else if you leave me 

Even hearing the good new 

Brought me no joy,no good

Now you have to begin a new journey 

With the one you desire

I’ll be sad because he is not me

And I will love him 

If he makes you happy

You belong to the one put on this earth for you

We’ve all got our someone

You’re more than enough 

And I’ll be sad no more if you find your happiness

Submitted: February 19, 2022

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