Autumn's Soliloquy

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Please read this. This is a beautiful confession.

Submitted: May 27, 2012

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Submitted: May 27, 2012



They don't know.

How this ache felt.

And finally I've tasted the remedy.

Four years of a famished hunger.

Such an insatiable desire.

And today, the first drop tasted my mouth.

Like glories of a triumphant monarchy.

Like the burning of a tainted temple.

I can't discern the beauty.

With those silky pores.

And late kisses.

This no longer is a nightmare.

I'm not alone in this reverie, not anymore.

This unrequited love has matured....

Into such a bountiful garden

And I've found you.

I've found you.

I've found my spirit within you.

And you're everywhere.

I'm so intrigued and memorized.

Ah, I'm so in love

So I beseech you To stay perpetually, here with me.

Because they won't ever understand.

That everything becomes pristine.

Nothing is flawed

when joined with you.

You overpower my tainted skin.

And life is just passing by.

And they won't understand.

What I will lose if I lost you.

I just never thought Those eyes could ever see.

God, or ever feel....

the fervent licking flames.

And now I can hear my soul.

The happy lyre.

The rhythm and notes awakening lost emotions.

And this bliss feels like no other.

You're my new home and I've found you....

I've found you.

And what seemed so far

Is here now, beside me.

So far away from misery.

The Stars dangling to see

The happy Novella reach a climax, finally.

The purple hues turning burnt pink.

And this heart has slept for so long.

To be revived by such fate, such happy fate

Oh..... Not such a pious heart, But I don't know who to thank.

Who to send golds and manifestations of all my happiness.

To those angels and God.

Those shaken hearts.

And nervous embraces.

Have just turned me from stone to water.

Oh, please don't ever cease.

Please don't ever stop from stirring within me

Because no one else will ever understand....

That I am finally free.

Oh, this love is so infectious.

And soon, it will spread and consume me whole.

And there on that inclination.

Lost cameo and skin cells there

where music rings.

I was set free.

Into my greatest and fondest yearning.

And tomorrow, is a new life

© Copyright 2017 Olivia Corvine. All rights reserved.

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