Never Enough...

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Lily and Oliver had built an unconventional life for themselves. A bubble where nothing mattered except them, till the day he decided to walk away.

Submitted: June 09, 2017

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Submitted: June 09, 2017



Never Enough...


Lily did not want it to end. Not now not forever but, he made the choice today. She wanted to live in this bubble of bliss they had created for ourselves. Where they cared about no one but themselves.

 But surprisingly he just couldn't do it anymore. While she knew this day would eventually come she didn't see it coming today. She wanted to say no, stop saying all these things but she was silent. Her head was full of the memories they had created and she stared at him blankly as he dropped her house keys on the kitchen table. She looked at the neon colored tags on the keys  and then turned her head upwards and watched as he walked away from her, from them. 

But he turned around and looked at her and she knew what he was saying. It was the same look he gave her the first day they met. He edged towards her as she stood against the kitchen counter. She couldn't back away even if she wanted to. He stood so close she could barely breathe. His hands found her face, but Lily kept her hands at her side. If she held him now she would never let him go. Those icy blue eyes could drown her now for all that she cared. He slowly bent his and without closing his eyes he crushed his lips against hers. Hard and intense and with every ounce of love he had left in him. He let go of her and turned around to walk away. Lily grabbed the kitchen chair and sat down. Her legs seemed to fail her now. 

She watched him, inking this moment in her head because she did not want to forget, ever. The way he had his back upright but his shoulders were slumped in a black wife beater. His right shoulder bared the tattoo they had chosen together. Two hearts beating as one because that is what they were. She looked at the outline of his jeans hugging his waist on his slim tall frame. His stride was confident but she knew him well enough to know that his body language was screaming uncertainity. Uncertainity of where to next. She continued watching as he walked away from their seven years of building a life together. The whole moment felt like it was happening in slow motion. The reel of a movie coming to an end. 


She watched as he reached the end of the hallway before she looked away. If he turned around to look at her one more time she was not sure.

She closed a her eyes for a second and opened them trying to focus on the cup on the table. Slowly her eyes focused on the coffee grounds at the bottom of her cup just as he slammed the front door on his way out. She slumped her shoulders and put her hands in her head as relief and fear washed over her. She needed more coffee she thought, the coffee pot stood on the counter just where he left it. It might as well had been in Anartica because her body felt paralyzed. She couldn't lift herself off the move away from the table. So she sat and thought how it all started over a pot of coffee.

She was at the gas station and was struggling to get the cap off her petrol tank. Why do they make these darn things so hard she thought, tugging at it hard. She had the notion that she fitted the profile of a damsel in the distress but she was anything but that. Right about then she saw him standing a few meters away from her tugging at the pump to get the last few drops of gas into his tank. Lily tugged harder on the cap but it did not budge. He was replacing his cap when he caught her eye. He edged towards her taking short steps but keeping his eyes downwards. When he reached her he akwardly put his hands in his jeans pocket and said, "Hi, I noticed you struggling. Do you need help? At least he didn't use a line she thought. "Yes, Lily answered I am using my husband's car today and I am not sure why this cap  wont come off."

He smiled at her coyly, and she noticed how the corners of his eyes crinkled when he did that. It's almost like he didn't believe what she had just said. Maybe he thought she was feeding him aline. He confessed to her years later that he had thought just that.

"There is usually a trick to it", he said. "Try pushing it in and then turning it." She liked that he let her do it and didn't take it out of her hand. She did as he said. 

The cap popped out on to her hand and they both stood laughing like children who had just seen the coolest thing happen. When he gathered his composure, she stopped laughing and reached over awkwardly for the gas pump while he watched her. It had been so long since someone looked at her like that. Lily didn't feel uncomfortable in his gaze in fact she felt different. Something she couldn't explain it was like she knew something he did not. "I am Oliver", he said" and I am not sure why I am introducing myself to you at a gas station..." He looked so unsure of himself and she learnt over the years that he was unsure of a few things in his life, she was one of them.

"I'm Lily", she said extending her hand and stopping his sentence. Oliver slowly brushed his hand through his short brown hair and smiled at her.

We all make mistakes in life. Sometimes our mistakes affect little in our lives and some have this domino effect and we live with the regret of those mistakes for a lifetime. Extending my hand to Oliver the first day I met him was never a mistake. 

He extended his hand to take hers and said, "I know the diner over there makes some good coffee, by the pot. Do you want to get some?"

Why did that seem like a such a loaded question, she thought.

Lily knew by accepting his invitation could possibly be a defining moment in her life. It felt like she had come to a cross roads in her life. It was just a cup of coffee she told herself over the years but it was always more than that. She saw something in his eyes, he was pleading with her to say yes. It was the look that would eventually break all the walls she had placed in front of her. The barriers and hurt  she had  promised herself no one would ever see. But Oliver saw it all, he saw right through her  and he saw so much more...

"Sure", she said and that one word. That one tiny word was all it took for her and Oliver to begin their journey. Their journey of ups and downs, high and lows, memories and stolen moments.

We all make choices in life. Our choices changes us, they mould us in into the people we eventually become and Oliver was her choice that day.

Her iPhone vibrated on the table and Lily was abruptly taken back to her reality. She looked at the phone thinking it was Oliver.

 It was John. 

Her mistake. 

She slid her finger across the screen and answered

"Hi, John"

She took a deep breath, she felt the tears coming as she felt the repercussions of what just happened. It was just a cup of coffee she thought, just one....

She swallowed hard. 

"Yes John, the meeting went fine I should be flying back home tonight. I'll see you at arrivals."

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