A Fatal Flaw

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I was going through some of my work and thought this really personified where I was at the time I wrote the piece. Enjoy.

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



"I messed up the first time. I'll never do it again." she said as she swallowed a heavy stone of jealousy. She couldn't get the images of the other girls, raven haired and honey haired, fictional or realistic, spending the day with him out of her mind. She despised the thoughts, but they were the ones that plagued her most. The thought of another stealing a hug, a kiss. Her one tragic flaw was eating away at her daily, nightly.

He'd always reassure her against her negative thoughts but she couldn't bring herself to drop them. She often wondered if the other girl was a good kisser; She knew she wasn't. She knew the other girl hadn't dared to steal a kiss but still the negative thoughts were unshakeable.

Everytime they'd hug, she'd experience picture perfect fireworks and butterflies. Their lips would brush lightly, every time as innocent and sweet as the first ending with a soft blush on her cheeks, a smile on his lips. Those were the most reassuring moments, Subtle smiles and held hands followed up with gentle kisses. There is nothing as innocent as first love. He, who has the patience to teach her. She, who has been meek enough to learn.

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