Newfound Paradise

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While searching for a past paradise during a storm, Shea finds a new place to call her own.

Submitted: January 02, 2013

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Submitted: January 02, 2013



The waters were choppy that day, it was cloudy and a storm seemed to be approaching, but still Shea took her boat out for the trip she had promised herself earlier that week. She eagerly grabbed her snorkel and flippers, loaded up the small outboard boat, and left the dock for the day headed for her favourite cay. As the engine thrummed to life and chuffed the boat out of the shallow clear waters into the seemingly vast sea, the current seemed to send Shea away from her usual destination.

As the waters grew darker, so did the skies. The wind began to pick up and droplets of rain slowly fell from the sky. Shea knew there was no way she could continue in the small vessel if a storm developed. As the winds blew stronger and the waves churned, they seemed to tell the young woman to follow the current of the water. Surely there was something in store if she let it lead her.

With the rain misting her tanned skin and the wind tangling her dark hair, the youth navigated towards a small island she had never visited. The impending storm seemed to be pacified by this as she continued on.

As the boat drifted towards the seemingly dull-from-a-distance coast, small blossoms of a reef became visible in the clearing water. Fish swam among vibrant cities of kelp and coral; lush palm trees and a whitish pink sand covered beach came into view. The storm almost immediately calmed itself as she allowed the boat to leisurely drift towards the sandy coast. Winds that had previously mussed her raven hair became a gentle, cool, caressing breeze on her skin. The rain slowly eased itself into less than a mist, as all tropical Summer storms do. Then Shea stepped off the boat and onto the soft, damp sand of the island.

Warm sands enveloped her tired feet, the waves lapped at her work roughened skin. Shea looked around in disbelief at the picturesque location and despite not arriving at her original destination, she was content to spend the day on her newfound tropical paradise.

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