After Wonderland

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A poem based on Alice in Wonderland, and possible how Alice searched for it again when she was older.

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



After Wonderland;
Forever you search,
Lost in the world of
Reality and lies.
Its obscurities and truths
always so far away.
Forever searching;
Until the day
You might once again chance
Upon a rabbit hole
And fall into the land
You knew so well.
Or a looking glass,
Just above a fireplace,
Climb through it
Into the garden
Where your memories are held.
But hold back; beware.
The man in the hat
Might meet you there.
He will mislead and betray,
Try to keep you at bay.
He'll lie and decieve,
Continue to spin and weave
A web of lies to keep you
Hidden behind the rose petals
And stuck in his world
Where all is insanity,
Bleeding hearts and tragedy and
After Wonderland;
You will forever be searching
But you will never find.

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