A Woman in the Woods

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A poem- a satirical twist on love and death. Enjoy.

Beyond the valleys in a town that nobody knows

She screams! Her body shaken by a sudden movement

In strange places that never sleep, the evening glows

She moans! Her arched back displaying structure so fluent.


After the sun has set, he takes the path down the lake

Sinful voices fill his head although he is alone

He held her in his arms, a beauty never to wake

Desires lead to forgotten mistakes of the unknown.


Young minds wander to thoughts once taught to be unprovoked 

She screams! Surprised by the sudden movements behind her

The story of a beauty in the woods being choked

She moans! The mood has been set, innocent they once were.


He finished! She tells him he doesn't need to feel bad

She laughed! It was the most exciting night she'd once had

Submitted: November 02, 2013

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