If A Girl Was A Boy

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A little girl growing up in the Oregon Trail. But this girl has no brother and no father. She must help her mom and two sisters doing the daily duties of a man.But when her mom gets deathly ill with the flu, she must get her family to Oregon to meet a man with a house and farm offer. And also to get her mom to saftey.

Submitted: June 09, 2012

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Submitted: June 09, 2012



BAM! I hear mom washing dishes. She's coughing so hard its making our wooden house shake. I go downstairs to see if she is ok. She is pale, and sounds sick. "Mom, are you o.k?" I ask in a soft  voice.

"I am fine I think im coming down with a cold" she says. "Oh, a man came by he says he has news from your dads will, he left his old home to us." she says. "Really, wow! where is it!" I ask in a excited tone.

Then I hear a dreaded word, Oregon. That means we will have to leave our Vermont home and take a 2000 mile cart ride to Oregon. I am terrified. "Mom! we can't leave! Its to long we will die without dad!" I yell.

" Honey, There will be more livestock and crop space there, we need to go" she says in a grogey voice. We will leave in two weeks, We will start packing tomorrow, and geting as much food as we can. "O.K" I say.

I get on my clothes and grab my gun, I am going to go hunt for some ealy preperations for our trip to hell. I shoot down some duck and a young deer. I am going to dry the deer to save it and use it for our trip.

Becky, my little sister is eating oatmeal while Olivia is pretending shes a cowboy. Mom is laying down. I tell her I made a apointment for the docters and she nodds and turns away. I start packing up things we won't need in the next 2 weeks.

Now I am going down to the farm to get my horse and heading to the market for some bread and canned goods. I spend 3 dollers on canned goods, 4 dollers on bread, and 1 on nuts. I strap everything to my sadle.

I head home and show mom the things i got, she says good and nods off to sleep. I take Becky and Olivia to there school and drop them off. My horse is thirsty so I take him home to get some food and water. 

After that I head off to my friends house and sews with her I tell her about our trip and she starts crying " Oh no! You can't leave" she says. I tell her that I have no choice, and leave. I go back to the house to get mom for her docter visit.

I get her on the horse and and get her to the docters office. He looks at her and says " she is coming down with the flu" She needs to get to Oregon to see a man with treatment. And we need to get there fast.

I go home and start packing everything. the next day I head to the cart shop and get a cart. i gather our ox and hire a driver. I put everything we own in the cart and get mom on. We leave tomorrow.

The driver is a experieced man, and makes sure our ride is normal. When we get to Oregon mom is almost dead, I get her to the man and he helps her while I go to the house and get becky and olivia in the house.

All the pain was over. finnaly over.





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