North Dakota

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North Dakota is not always boring

I was bummed when my parents told me we were going to visit my Dad's cousin and his family in North Dakota. We'd been there a few years earlier and all I remembered was hours of boredom on the farm.

We drove for hours and hours and finally arrived extremely road weary. The relatives came out of the house to greet us with expressions of people who were excited to see someone different dropping into the monotony of their lives. Things hadn't changed much on the farm. My dad's cousin and his wife looked the same. Their two older kids had moved away leaving the youngest, Mike who was fifteen, as the last kid on the farm to help with chores.

Mike had changed a lot in the last few years. He was tall and lanky with white skin that was in striking contrast to his shock of dark brown hair. He was about a foot taller than me and was nearly a year older. There was a brief exchange of greetings and everyone went into the house. Mike grabbed my bag and said, "I guess you'll be staying in my room, c'mon".

His room was upstairs and typical of what one sees in a century old farm house. I  immediately noticed only one double bed and thought, "now what?" 

The biggest news in town was a new high school and the family wanted to show us around so we piled into the car. Mike was squeezed up next to me and he put his arm up behind me on the back of the seat, exposing his thick dark underarm hair through his sleeveless t-shirt. The sweet smell of his body odor was released across my face. I wanted to look him all over but didn't want him to think I was weird. I looked out the window and he would lean into me pointing out the sights, excited to have someone new to show around.

The high school tour was uneventful. Mike's dad had the key because he helped out with maintenance. They were very proud of this. It was really weird but Mike said very naively to me, "I like P.E. because now we have showers.......everyone has to get naked and shower after class." I thought , "How do I respond to that?" I just nodded and smiled.

We had dinner in the kitchen and later went to the living room to watch Hee Haw. I am not kidding - they really knew how to show folks a good time. Mike and I were laying on the floor in front of the TV while the adults sat in the chairs and chuckled at Junior Samples and Buck Owens. I began nodding off and finally someone suggested that theboys looked tired and should probably go to bed.

Mike and I said good night and went upstairs. I went to the bathroom and then came into the bedroom to find Mike already stripped to his white briefs. I was stunned. He had such long limbs and milk white skin. The dark -almost black hair on his legs was thick compared to the rest of his body. He said, "It gets hot at night so it's best to sleep in your underwear." I nodded but didn't look forward to undressing in front of him. I felt small. I began to slowly undress and on his way out to go to the bathroom he said, "you can have the right side of the bed." I crawled between the cool sheets. He returned and climbed up on the bed, leaning across me to turn off the lamp, his groin hung above my face.

The lamp went out and the moon cast a blue light which made his white skin glow. He said, "why did you lay on my side of the bed?" 

-"Oh, I did?" 

"Yeah, it's OK might not be as clean......kind of crusty......sometimes stuff comes out of me at you have that too?"


"You probably want to switch now, huh?.......let's switch."

He climbed over me, his piece brushing against mine. I slid to my side and rolled over with my back to him. His large overgrown teenage foot stroked my leg. I laid awake and knew he was pleasuring himself. He let out a groan and I felt his foot contract.

The next morning I awoke to find the sheets soaked with sweat and semen. Was mine mixed in too. Why didn't I remember?

"Don't worry, I do my own want to help me do chores?.......days start early on the farm."

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i love your writing. see, being a girl, i can't wholly identify with this scene but you made it very real, and matter of fact. i always thought the whole nocturnal emission thing was weird (being a girl, i've totally had nighttime orgasms but, obviously, there's no evidence in the morning). anyways, i just really liked this piece. very personal and invasive, but in a way that it's also very relatable. good work. write on.

Tue, February 3rd, 2009 7:49pm

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