what might have happened

I had a hard time understanding why Larry tried to hump me in the shower in front of everyone in gym class. It was even more difficult to understand why people started calling me a fag instead of him.  I guess since I was 5'5'' and 95 pounds while Larry was a strapping big farm boy had something to do with it. Anyway, as time passed people quit calling me names and things got back to normal. My friends and I would go drinking and driving every weekend -looking for trouble.

One Friday Larry came along with us. He rarely came to town and he never went to parties. I guess his parents didn't want him out getting himself into bad situations. Larry was kind of slow in school but didn't seem to let it get him down. Everyone liked him. His incident with me was about 6 months in the past and I was still a little angry and hurt underneath.

We all ended up at a party and were having a good time- especially Larry.  He got pretty animated with a just a few beers. A couple of my friends hooked up with some girls and took off. One of them was Larry's cousin who was supposed to drive him home. After awhile Larry got concerned- he knew his parents wanted him home by midnight. I could tell he wasn't going to settle down until the situation was resolved - so I said, "Larry, if you want you can spend the night at my place. My mom can call your mom and let her know."

"I don't know....I better call home right away." Larry stammered

"Let's go - my house is just a few blocks over -you can call from there."

We took off -Larry walked so fast I had to jog to keep up. My mom was in the kitchen so, I explained that Larry didn't have a ride and he was worried about getting home. Mom picked up the phone and had it settled in no time. She said Larry could stay the night and we'd figure out how to get him home in the morning.

We said goodnight and Larry and I went to the basement where my room was. I was suddenly aware that this was our first time alone. I wanted to say something to him about the shower incident. I wasn't sure how to start.

I handed Larry a sleeping bag out of the closet and we proceeded to undress. I kept my back turned and bent over to finish taking my pants off. Larry was on me in an instant. His hard cock bulging in his briefs was pressed between my crack.

"What the hell?" I said.

"you look like a girl from behind" he groaned.

"that's what you said in the shower.....before everyone pulled you off."

"nobody here to pull me off now.........do  something for me"

I didn't want it up the rear so I said, "Larry, if you let go I'll take care of it for you"

He held tighter slowly humping, "what you gonna do?" he asked.

"you want me to suck it?"......I'd wanted to try this for some time.

"hell, yeah" he said as he slowly loosened his grip. We faced each other and I pulled his briefs down revealing a red throbbing cock twice the size of mine. We smiled at each other then I went down on it. The texture was wonderful -I stroked every contour and throbbing vein with my tongue- then began sucking. He rocked his hips gradually increasing speed until he shot into my mouth. He was groaning like a bear and I was drinking in every drop and licking every inch of his crotch. He pulled me up to him and carried me to the bed where he fell on top of me- he was laughing and nuzzling me. Then he began to hump me cock to cock. I came quickly and he kept going -suddenly he shot again. we were laughing quietly and wrestling around. We woke up a few hours later and enjoyed ourselves again.

Larry became a very good friend.

Submitted: July 03, 2009

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Some of ur entries are about something almost happening, bt nt happening. At least i'm glad sumthing happened... ;)

Fri, December 24th, 2010 11:15am

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