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If love was a crime, would you want to be a victim?
Bernard never knew of what awaited him in his quest of finding love.

Submitted: April 04, 2016

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Submitted: April 04, 2016



I sat calmly on the wooden couch which was about two decades old, located at the veranda on the fourth floor of my building. (My father had willed it for me before he died.) At the very early stage of 18, i was already living a luxurious life filled with business ideas and innovations. I could say that i already had an empire. The first to the third floor was used as Bernard's Enterprise. My father named it after me when i was about to be born. It was a well known enterprise which attracted young entrepreneurs from across the nation and it was all at my finger tip.

Now at the age of 23, i had gotten all i ever wanted in life but something was missing. I was an incomplete being waiting for the last part of me to be affixed. (I needed to be loved.) My friends told me that i wasn't man enough or maybe i must have been obsessed with my business bloom, but something in me desired all the love, the romance and care promised in all the movies.

I stood up from the couch on which i was sitted. I paced back and forth pondering on the meaning of life without love.

Suddenly i caught a glimpse of someone, i looked down and it was her, the lady from the end of the road. She was walking across the street and this was about the fourth time i was seeing her in two days. I had not gotten a closer look at her but something in me desired her - i wanted her.

I hurriedly dashed in to the elevator and 'DING!' I was in the first floor making my way out of the building.


As soon as i walked out, i saw her. She must have gotten what she wanted from the nearby store.

I hesitated a bit and then walked up to her.

"hello, young lady"

She stopped for a moment, glanced at me and then turned back to head towards her home.

"hey beautiful" i called out once again.

She turned instantly at me, gave a fetish smile and then replied in a rather cool voice which i considered to be somewhat angelic.

"are you talking to me?"

"oh yeah"

"can i take a bit of your time?" i asked.

She flung her hair backwards and replied. "okay"

She had bright blue eyes and the scent of her body filled the air.

"huhm, actually" i began talking. "I've been seeing you around for a couple of days now and i'd like to know you"

"i'm Bernard"

"call me prisca" she replied.

"oh, what a beautiful name for a wonderful woman like you"

"can i walk you off?" i asked.

"OK sure." she replied and we started walking.

We talked and talked and talked.


She was about leaving when i asked for her digit. She handed out her phone and waved it towards mine.

All it took was a 'beep!' and i had her contact.

I bade her goodbye and left.


I called her later at night and we talked at length. This continued for weeks and it seemed like we were getting along.

* * *

It was a hot afternoon and i went out to the lounge-bar to get a glass of whiskey.

As i entered, my first gaze met with prisca. She was sitting with someone but actually didn't feel comfortable with him.

It was my chance, i thought.

I went over to the bar man and requested for the usuals.

"a glass for two" i requested, gesturing my hand towards prisca.

She grimaced at me, stepped on my foot and then frowned.

It was like she was sending a signal but this wasn't the time for that so i just ignored.

I moved over to her, interrupting the man she was sitted with and i offered her a glass.

She insisted but then i finally got her attention.

"so what you doing here?" i asked.

She was about replying when i felt a tap on my shoulder. When i looked back, i saw two hefty spectacular figures that looked like zombies waiting to eat me up.

In a split of about two seconds, their hands united in a one big Bang on my cheeks.

I was lost amidst of what was happening. My head vibrated about a million times and by the time i was back to my senses, a big blow followed.

I finally woke up in an environment that looked somewhat like an hospital.

Is it a crime to love!?

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