Heathen UnAmericans Need Love Too!

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Heathen Anti-Christian America Haters led by a group of competing Anti-Christs try to take over America but one man promises reform.

Submitted: November 20, 2015

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Submitted: November 20, 2015



The Big Man stood tall on the stage and spoke loudly, clearly and eloquently, "America is a great and noble country of strong people—Americans."

"Today, America and Americans of all stripes, and colors, but mostly gray and pale pink, are under attack by godless heathen who would seek to impose unjust laws upon us and toss our Constitution and its Sacred Amendments in shreds to the winds to be scattered about through the streets of America like so many pieces of dried and stained used toilet paper from over flowing cesspools." 

"The current Administration occupying the White House is sympathetic to those people—he says they have rights, the same First Amendment Rights as the rest of us.  He defends them in their actions but, not surprisingly, out of the other side of his mouth denies sharing their beliefs and avocations."

"But I say unto you that we must be and we have been forewarned that that heathen non-believing liar in the White House is not interested in defending these sacred shores against this surging tide of Anti-American rhetoric."


"I swear to you on the Holy Bible that when I am your President, I will register all Republicans and require each and every one of them to wear a badge, plastic because of budget stalling, clearly identifying themselves as a seeker of repression of God Fearing America Loving Americans and, registered Tea Party Members will be further required to wear a muzzle and be under the control of someone, preferably on a leash, and furthermore yet to be off the streets by sunset."

"Vote for me for President."

O'Llenodecaca San


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