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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: September 29, 2018

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Submitted: September 29, 2018



we think it savage to eat one another

it must be of course

we may eat death

relying on decaying flesh and deceased plants

to feed us and sustain us

but to eat one another

a step too far we say

all the while digging our teeth to the bones of others

every flap of our jaw consuming by our very nature

do we not devour each other in the pain we thoughtlessly deal

as we use one another for every voracious whim

are we not each waiting on one another for slaughter


he takes a bite as he calls her a snack

for is that not all she is

not even worth a complete meal

here one moment to lessen his hunger pangs

until he finds a newer fresher body for prey

his claw is in his words

luring her with the promise of affection

when his sole interests are his own

his touch is a shaving blade

something to be used gently and tactfully

instead skinning and scraping bare the flesh

which was numbed so carefully in his seduction


she takes a bite as she imbibes his adoration

his blind love fills her as a soothing intoxication

she is validated and entertained

the roaring emptiness is momentarily muzzled

but when she leaves to seek a new mate to bleed dry

not a thought will be given to the shell she leaves

he will not be remembered as he shambles on

he will not be missed as he pines for her

for unbeknownst to him he was only a guzzled glass

a tonic to anesthetize the agony of insecurity

to satiate herself another must be left starving

for one to thrive another must be threshed


the corporate gluttons inhale the very souls they employ

from the assistant cattle to the hatchlings in sweatshops

their customers are but hors doeuvres at a celebration of money


the thief like a tapeworm eats from the mouth of another

discreetly dining on their deeds

as they obliviously labor for two


the rapist rips and reaps and tears

emerging from the murk like a gator

a depraved mouth devouring whole


our world is one of dahmers

we lap up the livelihood of our own kind


and i can only wonder who is waiting to eat me


and who i will have to eat

© Copyright 2020 OllyOllyOxyclean. All rights reserved.

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