Blissfully Sweet

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
At the tender age of thirteen, Kemi loses contact with the one she calls the love her life, Dan, when she moves away. Almost a decade later she falls in love with Mike. She then meets Dan again and after some painful decisions she settles down. And just when she thought everything was perfect, it all went horribly wrong...Will it all be ‘Blissfully Sweet’ for Kemi in the end?

Table of Contents

Losing him

Submitted: May 06, 2007

At the school dance, Kemi has a secret she has to reveal to Dan but she's scared of his reaction and most of all scared of losing him forever...but she's got to go in 2 days. Read Chapter

A new start

Submitted: May 06, 2007

10 years has past and Kemi still has holds on to the memories, which has been affecting most of the relationships that she gets in. But Susie has had enough and wants Kemi to move on. She sets her up with Mike, and when Kemi finds out she hesitates. Read Chapter

Could this be love?

Submitted: December 14, 2007

Mike and Kemi get close and when Mike takes Kemi on a special suprise date, they realise they are meant to be together. Read Chapter

Who pressed rewind?

Submitted: March 08, 2008

Her relationship with Mike is going great but the issued of marriage get's Kemi thinking about what Mike wants. A few days after she bumps into Mike not knowing that this will change her life forever. Read Chapter

My past or my present? Who'll be my future?

Submitted: March 24, 2008

D-Day had come. I felt as though I didn’t want to go but something inside me, deep down, was telling me that I should give it a try and... Read Chapter

Cont. My past or my present? Who'll be my future?

Submitted: March 24, 2008

This is a continuation of Chapter 5...My past or my present? Who'll be my future? I pulled the cards out of my pocket and chucked the... Read Chapter

Don't let him go!

Submitted: March 24, 2008

Minutes felt like hours. Hours felt like days. Days felt like weeks. It had been 3 months since I last saw Mike and it was pretty hard ge... Read Chapter