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Submitted: September 21, 2015

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Submitted: September 21, 2015



Her Lost Soul

She lives in a world of misery so similar to the world I know.

She's a lost soul not that fair away form the abyss.

She cries her eyes out for reasons I don't know.

I want to ask where do the lost go when the world lets them down.

Do they climb in a hole?

Do they confess their pain to a priest?

Will the world ever listen to the pain of one single person.

When they can't take no more fell there is no hope in this world.

They feel let down by the world.

We live in a world of people who just judge others.

That will never stop there is know equality in this society.

People hurt other people for unknown reasons.

When will the lost stop suffering.


Her tear soaked dress that can't hide her pain

That girl is in the corner of the club again.

Drinking all a alone.

She keep staring at her phone.

I guest she's wondering when is he gonna come home.

And will she have to spend another night alone.

Her friends keep telling her leave that type of guy alone.

She asked me when will her pain end.

I tell her I'm also tired of going home alone.

Looking at her tear soaked dress I know she deserves better than that.

She is to lovely to be in this place.

She tells me I'm to kind and she wish she could press rewind and do everything over again.

 But there is know rewind on life.

The misery you feel today you may feel it tommorrow.

You can't drown your sorrows in bottles.

Pacing in a dark room wondering  what to do next.

Looking in your phone book thinking about calling a ex.

You still will have nothing but a tear soaked dress.

Unless someone kinder loves you next.

Your pain will never end your eyes will be soaked with the tears of past loves.

Cause we live in a cruel world.

Where pain seems to always show its ugly head.

There are numerous girls with tears soaked dresses.

They deserve the best, but only feel pain.


Sympathetic arm

Head held down

She is so gloomy now

I wonder why she is own  this side of town.

I wonder has the world let her down.

Is she looking for a sympathetic arm to cry on.

Why is she in such a state of misery?

Has her heart been broken to the point of know return.

Is there room for me to be sypathetic to her pain.

Dry her tears when she cry.

Will she ever trust again.

Though pain is all she know .

The word love has become just a word.

That is the symbol of her broken heart.

I wiish I could play apart in her new beginnings.

Sympathetic to her because I have felt the same pain she felt.


Empty promises

I past by her on a street corner she looks at me.

I walk in to a coffee shop.

See the same woman I saw before.

Ask her if she is following me .

She sit down at a table starts talking to her friend.

Though she has a smile on her face.

Inside she is crying.

Then she begins to tell her friend.

That he promise her the world.

A diamond ring and A house on a hill.

Made her think what they had was true love.

Yet all the things he promise was nothing more than empty promises.

Love was just a game to him.

He just wanted another girl to tell his friends about.

That made me wonder what has this world come to when people don't love for real.

When love is just a game to be played.

There is only empty promises.






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