Fatima and the little puppy

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About how a little girl found a puppy and she was rewarded for her good work to find the owner.

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011







There lived a little girl who lived with her parents and two other sisters.

The little girl’s name was Fatima. Fatima was a very pretty little girl and she loved to play with her two elder sisters whose names were Aisha and Halima.


One day Fatima was playing outside when she heard a loud bang which frightened her and made her shake with fear. Fatima ran home to tell her mother want she heard.


Fatima met her mother in the kitchen and told her mother what she heard and her mother laughed and told Fatima not to worry as there were workmen working along their street and the loud noise came from there.


Fatima went back outside to play and as she was playing she found a little puppy crying for her help. She picked up the little puppy and ran back home scream at the top of her voice about what she had found and how happy she felt about her find.


She took the puppy up the stairs and into the bathroom and gave the puppy a good wash. She then dried the puppy and took the puppy into the kitchen to feed and show off her new found puppy to her mother and two sisters Aisha and Halima. Aisha and Halima loved the puppy just as Fatima did but their mother was worried about them keeping the puppy as the puppy could be someone’s lost puppy.


Mother told the girls that they can keep the puppy until the find the owner. The girls were very happy as they could at least keep it till they find the owner.


Mother suggested that the 3 sisters make posters to find the puppy’s owner. They where so happy to do this task as it made them feel like detectives.

They quickly made the poster and their dad helped them place them all over the area, in the playground, along the street, with neighbours.


Two days later, they heard a knock at the door and a little boy and his dad was standing at the door. They then told Fatima and parents how they were looking for one of their lost puppies until the saw the poster which Fatima and her sisters place everywhere.


Fatima’s parents offered them tea and told them how little Fatima found their puppy and how she wanted to have the puppy. Fatima brought the little puppy and gave it to the little boy who owned the puppy but the little boy smile at Fatima and gave it back to her saying that it was a gift to her for being kind to his puppy and for trying to find the owner. Fatima was so happy and thanked the boy and told the boy that he could be her friend and they could all play with little puppy at the playground.


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