cold darkness

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

when her love dies, she tries to escape the murderers and reach the police, but what surprise lies before her?

Submitted: June 27, 2018

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Submitted: June 27, 2018



Cold Darkness

I was shaking with fear as I stared into his brown soulless eyes, and his hands were as cold as the ice of the Antarctic. Not even the blood all over his chest kept his body warm. I held him in my arms as he drew his last breath, and just like that, he was gone. I couldn’t believe it, the man I loved is dead. No that’s not true, this isn’t possible, it must be a dream. But it was real, I will never see his cute smile nor will I hear his beautiful voice again. He used to sing every day, but he will no longer be able to sing. It should have been me! I was the one who was supposed to die! But he protected me, sacrificed his life for me. The knife was supposed to strike my chest, but instead it struck his as he pushed me away from its path.

They will pay! I will make sure every one of them pays! These criminal pigs with their monstrous hearts must not live to see the light of day, and I will crush their hearts just as they crushed mine! I swore I would avenge my love as cold tears ran over my cheek. I grabbed the gun from his dead hand and stood up, and then I walked towards the only door in the room. I found myself in the staircase, and I was confused whether I should go up or down. My heart began to beat faster with fear and confusion consuming me. Part of me wanted to kill them all, but another part just wanted to escape and go to the police. The second choice was –naturally- the rational and logical one. How could I kill them with just a gun? If I tried that I’d be dead in a few seconds.

I began to go down the stairs, with my heart beating faster and faster. I needed to escape quickly before anyone could see me. But as I was descending, the face of my love’s murderer just kept appearing in my head. It felt as if my brain was just watching the murder over and over again. I saw him throwing the knife at me as his shoulder was bleeding from my love’s shot. He threw it and ran away without looking back. I began to concentrate and focus on escaping, it was no time to get distracted.

I reached the bottom of the stairs and saw a door. I opened it to see myself outside of the building. The snow was covering the streets and the night was so dark, no stars, no moon. My body began to shake even more from the cold. I walked before I saw two of the criminals just standing in front of me. Luckily, they had their backs in my direction and didn’t see me. I went to a side alley to avoid them. But suddenly, a dog appeared out of nowhere, and it started barking immediately as it saw me. I began to run away, with my heart even beating more violently. “There’s someone in the alley”, shouted one of the criminals as he spotted me. I ran as they chased me until I reached a dead end. “Shit! What should I do? I don’t want to die”. I thought. I turned around and saw the two criminals walking towards. “Drop your gun”! They shouted. But my hand refused to obey, and without any thought, I shot one of them in his chest. But then suddenly, I heard another shot, and I felt great pain in my belly. I saw blood running from my belly as everything went dark.

I woke up tied to a chair, my belly still suffering from great pain. “What happened?” I thought. “Why would they keep me alive?” A few seconds later, a woman entered the room, carrying the dead body of my love, which she dropped on the ground immediately. “You monsters!” I shouted, “All of you will pay for what you did!” “Shut up!” The woman shouted as she slapped me, “You don’t know what he did.” The pain increased as did the confusion within me. “This man committed crimes and sins.” She continued, “You are just a fool he was lying to.” “No!” I shouted, “You are lying! I won’t believe you!” “Believe what you wish.” she said, “I just kept you alive to tell you the truth. It is true we are a bunch of criminals, but so was he. He was one of us. He didn’t really love you, he was just using you for your father’s influence. But then one day, he decided to betray us. He stole our money and hid it in this building. And he wanted to escape with you! He actually loved you! This was a big mistake that he shouldn’t have done. He got you into this mess, and he is the reason you have to die now. Such a shame we have to kill you too. But we can’t keep you alive.” I felt my heart breaking into a thousand pieces. He was using me in the beginning! Should I blame him for what happened? Is he really the reason I will die? He tried to save me, but instead he hurt me. My eyes were full with tears as the woman grabbed her knife, and suddenly, I felt great pain in my neck. My body felt colder than ever as blood flew from my neck, and everything went dark.


The End

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