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Peterchucks having two smaller brothers has to go rescue them from an evil witch. His smallest brother Daniel filled with wonder wants to find out what is this huge gloomy light that shines every night before he goes to bed. Steven has all passion to find out what this light is so, sets of to see what it is. Not returning, Peterchucks is on a mission to find out why both of his little brothers haven't return.

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



The hero of the story is Peterchucks. He is known for his smartness and ability of thinking through calmly. His exceptional superhuman quality is that he's able to use all 100% of his brain. Living in a small house out in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, he has helped people that have faced danger. He does not ask for attention. People see him as a good person who has a huge amount of love for his family. His father is hardworking who has a lot of care for his family. Peterchucks mother is a great cook and will cook anything he asks for.


It all began on a normal, hot sunny summer day in Colorado. Peterchucks' home was a small house in the mountains where his backyard is all forest of pinecone trees. Steven and Daniel were his samller brothers. Steven, being the second oldest making Daniel the yungest. Both mom and dad were also in the picture, making it a family of five. Daniel was always filled with wonder. He would always take the time to look at things. As the  sun was settleing down Daniel was sitting down beside the window that showed the backwoods. A huge glow of light shined behind the pine trees. Daniel, filled with wonder went on to ask his mom about the mysterious light. His mom trying to cook and talk at the same time said, "I don't know why don't you go find out". Daniel was so excited and eager to find out the purpose of the glooming light. He went of to pack his backpack. He filled his backpack with things he knew he would need to get to the light. Before heading out he told his mom that he was heading of, that if he was not back by the night to send one of his brothers to look for him. Daniels mom gave him some bread just incase he got hungry. All ready Daniel set of to discover the glommy light.


As Daniel walked through the forrest many ideas came to his mind of what the light might be. While walking, a question also came to his mind. He asked himself, "How I'm I going to get back home once I reach the light?". Trying to brainstorm, he notice the bread that his mom had gave him. As he walked he broke down bits of the bread making a trail behind him. Now with no more problems, Daniel rushed himself to reach the light. The light  got bigger and bigger as he got closer. Finally making it to the light he saw that it was a huge flames shooting out of a huge oven. There was a witch standing next to the oven. Before Daniel had a chance to leave as he found what he was looking for, the witch had spotted him. The witch with a scratchy voice shouted over to Daniel, "Well hello there young one". Daniel, not wanting to be rude, responded and said "hello there". The witch offered him to stay for dinner. Daniel saw that there was no longer sunlight . The sky was pitch black and Daniel also notice that the trail of bread was gone. Not knowing his way back home, Daniel agreed to the witches dinner. Daniel sat at a round table the witch had. Filled with hunger Daniel was eager to eat. The witch had gone to the kitchen to prepare a dish filled with poison. The witch watch the poison take affect towards Daniel. Once Daniel was no longer was breathing the witch through him into the fire, to later eat him.


As time passed by Steven started to get worried about Daniel, along with his family. Without asking questions, Steven set off to look for Daniel. He ran as fast as he could to reach the light. Once steven had reach the light he was face to face with the witch. Steven asked the witch if she has seen his brother. The witch had told him that if she tells him where hir brother went he would have to stay for dinner. Wanting to know where his brother was, he agreed to stay for dinner. Falling into the same trap, the witch had scored two meals that night. Now with both of Peterchucks brothers missing, he set his goals to reach both of them and bring them back home. Now being passed midnight Peterchucks got ready to go seek out his younger brothers. He got a feeling that something was wrong because the absences of his smaller brothers. Peterchucks wanted to make sure that he'd make it back home for sure. He grabed his backpack and set off to look for his brothers. 


Peterchucks had a knife in his backpack, as he headed towards the light he carved off parts of the pinetrees making a marke on the trees. by doing this Peterchucks would be able to get back home. Before getting to the light there was a lost man yelling "Help I'm lost". Peterchucks looked over and it was a men advertising some kind of pills that would allow one to use all 100% of your brain. The men eager to get out of the pine forrest asked Peterchucks if he knew the way out. The men had been lost for days and was so excited to get out of the forrest, so he started to jump up and down asking the way out. Peterchucks told him to follow his marks back to his house wich will end up leading him into town. The men in a rush to get out, left as soon as Peter told him where to head towards. Peterchucks was unable to ask the men if he had seen his two brothers because the men left in such a hurry. Peter than notice that the men had drop a sack filled with these mysterious pills. Taking the sack filled with pilled headed toward the light. Finally reaching the light he notice something in the conner of his eye. He notice Daniels backpack in the oven similar to the one he had. A minute later he spotted the witch. The witch once again offered Peterchucks to a meal. Peter had agreed to her meal. The witch went of to the kitchen to prepare once agian a deadly dish. While Peter was waiting he took one of the pills to than find his view become more clear and time slow down for his mind to process things with care. The witch came back with the dish and gave it to Peter. Peter was pretending to eat the food, but instead he was slipping all the food into the sack he found. Each time the witch wound face any direction but Peter. Peter than took the chance to slip more food into the sack. The witch waiting and waiting for the food to take affect was curiouse why he had not yet died. The witch started kept pasting back and forth. Peterchucks than took the chance to push the witch into her own oven. Peter had brainstorm all the things to know that the witch had killed his brothers, making him take action. As he watch the witch burn he notice some belongings of his younger brothers. Peterchucks went back home to tell his parents the bad news about his brothers.



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