Grace of Salvation

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Simply a poem about a special feeling that brings with it the grace of salvation.

Grace of Salvation

By Jack Cloudt


Like two fireflies

Performing a ballroom dance

Beneath the pearly white grin

Of the crescent moon above

That wears its yellow sequin suit,

Each sparkle inviting yet far,

But jealous that it may never shine as bright

As two fireflies in love.


Like the clicking and clacking,

The ticking and tacking,

And micking and macking

Of a keyboard

As it attempts to translate

Feelings to words

(It never works).


A colony of penguins

Looks all the same,

Black and white

And nothing else,

Except for the one penguin

He thinks of each day,

He sees not as the same as the other dull ones,

But as a rainbow of vibrant perfection

That only she owns,

For nothing else could ever compete with her in his eyes.


Like a bow and an arrow,

The other is needed,

A bow with no arrow

Has nothing to hold on to,

And an arrow with no bow

Has nothing to guide it

Past the obstacles and hit the bull’s teasing eye.


Like a boy who had nothing

Before a girl came along

And, for some reason the boy will never understand,

Settled for a crow over a dove.


Like two young hearts

Intertwined into one,

You are the person I want and I need,

My One,

My Only,

My Grace

Of Salvation.

Submitted: May 23, 2013

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It's nice and flows lovely. It's very well put together. i love this its one of my faveorites. It hits on a personally level that some people can relate too.

Fri, May 24th, 2013 2:19am

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