When I Was Young

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This is a true short story I wrote for my Pre-AP English II class, for the prompt "When I was young...". This is a true story from when I was very young at my family ranch, and deals with my having been adopted at a very infant age and never having met my birth parents. Dedicated to my birth mother Janis. Even though I'll probably never meet you in person, thank you for bringing me into this world.

Submitted: September 11, 2013

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Submitted: September 11, 2013



When I Was Young…

By Jack Cloudt

When I was young at the ranch, I felt the blazing Texas sun glare down on my hide cowboy hat. I heard the brays of the goats and the sheep in the pastures beyond. My amused but ever alert eyes darted back and forth, watching for sleek slithering serpentine tails, at attentive ears listened for angry hisses.

Fleeing from the persistent sting of the fiery sun, a canopy on a distant hill became my shade. As I sat upon the thirsty, light green grass, I could see a clear, crystal pond at the base of the hill. My senses told me all was safe, so I shed my dusty boots, and made my way to the sparkling blue waters.

My tiny, young feet dipped gratefully into the cool pool, as I waded a few steps in. Distracted by the relieving refreshment of the water, I was unable to hear the approach of a baby calf, until its moist snout was already tickling my unsuspecting elbow. Meeting the calf’s large, brown eyes, I couldn’t help but notice that this calf looked just like Milkshake, the stuffed animal calf that I was given the day that I was adopted from the foster home, years ago.

Standing face to face with the young calf, we both seemed to examine each other with a childish curiosity. A low "Moo!" sounded from behind some hills, a distressed mother searching for her baby. Hearing the loving voice that had welcomed him from the blindness dark to the blinding light, the calf lumbered toward where the sound had come from, leaving me alone in the pool; a child unable to remember the voice that had brought him into the world.

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