Ray Perth: An Introduction

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This is the introduction of a Malkavian character I used to play in a Vampire: The Masquerade party. If you are unfamiliar with it, it's a roleplaying game. Imagine the character as a schizophrenic, ex-pill munching raver, insane vampire.

Submitted: June 04, 2014

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Submitted: June 04, 2014



Oh, is it my move? Yes, it is my move. I was caught up in thoughts. I will indeed make my move, but first things first. Goddamn, what a useless phrase. Of course first things come first, who the hell thinks otherwise? Anyway. It's time I told you a bit about my id, my ego and my superego.

I guess you can call me Ray. Ray Perth. That's what people who claim to know me call me. I am not fond of titles though, no, I am not. Titles are misleading. Titles are yet another mask upon oh so many masks everyone and everything wears. They're the lawyers throwing dust in the eyes of the judges who want to see the truth, the real truth, beyond all compromisations. Now, now, bear with me, I will ellaborate. You call a tree a 'plant'. A title. Good, acceptable. I call a tree a hairy, tall monster who miraculously springs from the earth and gradually devours the sun and turns him into oxygen. Your precious title of a 'plant' does not cover that, does it now?

Anyhow. Hey, do not allow me to go on a rant again, okay? I have a move to make. I would not want to make you wait more. Let's keep it brief. As I was saying, the name is Ray Perth. A year has passed since I stared into the Abyss with all three of my eyes, the third one mostly. I never thought one may be Enlightened by being engulfed in malignant Darkness, but I was proven wrong in a most celebrant way. A way which included a lovely mistress and a pair of fangs, escalating to one hundred faces, one thousand voices and ten thousand broken fragments of colourful mirrors, reflecting the whole world in them, escalating to complete and utter chaos. And to think I was so cock-sure about my petty little view of the world, hehe. Oh well, it does not matter anymore because... uhm... Hey, would you mind stopping that noise you make? It interferes with my train of thought. Now where was I? Something about a view? A train? The view from a train's window? Oh fuck this, let's move on.

For now, I am just a pawn, one small pawn within the massive entity that is the Camarilla, or so I am treated. Am I really just a small pawn though? No, I am not. I am a special pawn. You will soon come to find what pawn I am.

You see, as long as I can remember - mind you, I remember a lot, I even remember things I have never known sometimes - I've had this, this natural curiosity to study people. But I mean really study them. Man, be he kine or kindred, is a well of secrets. You treat him right and you get one free dip of the bucket into the well. Multiply that by the appropriate number of times and you get the whole fucking well. The funny part, however, is that he does not even know that someone's been quenching his thirst off his own water, so when the time comes that he finds out, you should look closely for the reaction on his face - priceless! Hahaha! Good times. So now the water is rightfully yours to use. Well done! This is not where it ends though. No, it is not. There's more. I know, I know I have to make my move. Relax, it's only one move I have to make. I've almost concluded my story. Listen up. Even if you're not the biggest nor the strongest of them all, you can gain the upper hand, no, you can gain the uppest hand, if you just observe. Observe your surroundings. Observe the people you associate with. Observe and steal their water. What can they do to you when you already know what they're planning? Can they harm you when you know exactly what weapon they're going to use? Can they hide from you their feelings when you can see right through their eyes? No. They cannot. If they tell you they can, they are lying, in which case watch for their pants. They're most likely on fire. Haha! Wow, that was a bad joke man. I am sorry.

So? Have you found out yourself? Or do I need to clarify? The kind of pawn that I am is this one. The one I am holding in my hand right now. The one I am going to use in my next move. I am this small, seemingly useless little pawn that carries orders reluctantly while making plots and serving purposes of its own. The chess table, the rest of the pieces, they've all been studied since the very first moment. I have them right where I want them to. I have insight on them all. I have been watching and suiting everything to my cause so that I may reach the end of the table and claim what is rightfully mine. Power through knowledge. And now is the time to strike.

Which reminds me of my last move. Checkmate.

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