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You've loved You feel You know

Submitted: January 16, 2018

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Submitted: January 16, 2018



You know what's the best thing about love?

It's the moment you know that you've cherished this feeling

The moment of pure bliss

When you own that feeling and no one can take this away from you

Love deceives, love hurts, love takes away things, love takes away people

But love also gives, love makes you happy, love can be faithful, love can be yours

You feel so heartbroken when you're not loved back

You feel like it's the worse pain you could get

You are torn apart when the one you love leaves you

You feel like there's no other pain like yours

Try to love and be loved back and still that person is never meant to be yours

Yet another unbearable pain to deal with

But in the end, you bid farewell to the person you love

Not to the feeling you own

Happiness is that you have cherished the best moments with that person yet you're sad that your beloved is not there

Fate can take away the person, not the love

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