The virtual chapter of her love life

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Love is an indescribable feeling which is accompanied by immense happiness and other wonderful feelings. But love stories are not always successful and love does not always win. Some take time to
accept the fact and others just take it as it is.

Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



He was only virtual, but he still felt so real

Something that she never thought could happen, yet she was led to believe

He came as the storm she willingly stepped into

It was all beautiful with promises, hopes, feelings, love, happiness, patience, care, the perfect mix

She was standing in the eye

'Nothing can be that beautiful', something whispered from within her

Yet nothing could really break her reverie

She shrugged off the idea and got lost even deeper

Then came the awakening

Back came the storm

Hitting her right through the heart

Stabbed and sliced into thousands of pieces

Worse was the whirlwind

She was brought down to her knees

And all calmed down

Left on her own, she had to gather herself

Build back her walls stonger than before

Walls that no storm could destroy,

Walls that no heat could melt,

Walls that even she could not make get out from...

Yet he asked her to leave it all scattered...

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