It's Time To Go

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I submitted it as a descriptive essay for school, but I feel it is still a pleasant read

Submitted: May 18, 2013

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Submitted: May 18, 2013



“Beep, beep, beep”, the man lifts his heavy eyelids, the weight of his life is carried by them. He knows that when he closes them again, it will mean a journey to another world. The smothering smell of anti-septic, and the piercing bright light; its glowing white eye looking down at him from the ceiling. He feels exposed wearing a pale blue hospital gown. This feeling is exacerbated by the stale, pale sheets that are placed on top of him.


His discomfort lessens as his eyes adjust to the light, then his ears register faint crying in the background. Bodies with sorrowful eyes are arranged around his room. Some appear tall, others crouching with their faces cupped in their hands. He feels a warmth on his right hand; it is the bait that tries to lure him out of his half-dazed consciousness. He looks towards the source of this warmth and is greeted by a yellow-toothed smile, in the company of a shining stream of memories leaking from the tired, inflamed eyes. The head is adorned with a regal crown of golden blonde hair. Wrinkles embellish the face, which are concentrated on the sides of the eyes and the mouth. The nose is slightly off-centre, and the outline of the ears is visible through the perfectly framed face. He knows, in his soul, that he is looking at the most beautiful creation.


Pride swells in his heart to the point where it bubbles out through his eyes in the form of tears. He realises that he is looking at his wife. He wills his tired muscles to move in an attempt to comfort her... nothing happens. Panic slithers sultrily through his body, stripping him of any rational thought. In his mind, his body is thrashing, bashing, and crashing into everything that’s around him, but in reality... nothing happens. His limbs also feel the weight of his existence, but they have long since given up hope. All the while, he can feel his heartbeat increasing, the rhythm of his body drumming quietly in his ears. The “beep, beep, beep” of the icy white machine speeds up, it’s like it is getting excited for something.


A burning sensation begins to creep up his throat, making its way to his mouth. A sour, slimy and distasteful juice mixes with his saliva, which makes his orifice violently reject the liquid and it splashes all over his sheets. He wretches once more and he notices the severe, agonising pain in the small of his back. It is like he has been hit by a club and the blunt force trauma has dulls all his other senses by its sheer intensity. The bile in his mouth is replaced by something else entirely. This taste is metallic, and altogether familiar. The enormity of his sensory assault causes his brain to fall into unconsciousness. 


“Beep, beep, be...” Silence; the man easily lifts his eyelids, but the world is different. Red is burgundy, blue is azure and green is emerald. He sees seas of tears falling from faces fraught with forlorn crouched around his empty form, and wishes he could take away the anguish- but he understands that this is part of life. He notices a puissant white light, wholly different to the light in the hospital. This light is pure and he is unable to resist being drawn towards it, like an eagle to the heavens; or is it more like a lost child returning home. The light beckons for his company and he now has no fear

As he ventures towards a new frontier.

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