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Status: Finished

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About the Book

This book, SUCCESS MENTALITY contains lots of motivational words of success that can build your mental faculty to see success very clearly as attainable always. The book will speak to you prophetically and psychologically on how to view and pursue good success and achieve it. Success requires common sense even if success is your birth right.
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About the Book

This book, SUCCESS MENTALITY contains lots of motivational words of success that can build your mental faculty to see success very clearly as attainable always. The book will speak to you prophetically and psychologically on how to view and pursue good success and achieve it. Success requires common sense even if success is your birth right.

Chapter1 (v.1) - SUCCESS MENTALITY

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About the Book

This book, SUCCESS MENTALITY contains lots of motivational words of success that can build your mental faculty to see success very clearly as attainable always. The book will speak to you prophetically and psychologically on how to view and pursue good success and achieve it. Success requires common sense even if success is your birth right.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 20, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 20, 2014







Success is not by certificate, but by services














DEDICATION ………………………………………………………………………….

ACKNOWLEDGMENT ……………………………………….....................


The Beginning of Success …………………………………………

CHAPTER 1: What is Success…………………………………….The Mindset of Success ……………………………………………..

CHAPTER 2: The Secret of Success ……………………………

The Picture of Success ………………………………………………

CHAPTER 3: Destined to Succeed……………………………….

Now it is your choice ………………………………………………….

Time for a Successful Action ……………………………………..

CHAPTER 4: Image Notion of Success ………………………

Start now and Become a Star …………………………………

Have a Dynamic Idea ………………………………………………

CHAPTER 5: Have a Success Mentality Always …………

Use Your Initiative Always …………………………………………

Process the Idea to Posses the Result ………………………

CHAPTR 6: Succeed Beyond the Certificate ……………

Don’t Sell off …………………………………………………………….

CHAPTER 7: The Place of Success …………………………..

Tips to Discover the Place of Success ………………………

Seven question that can help to determine your way to success ………………………….............................

CHAPTR 8: Your Personality is enough for it ……………

This is the Result ………………………………………………………










This book is dedicated to the Almighty God, through His voice and inspiration upon me this book was written and published successfully.















Honor and glory be to God Almighty for using me to carry out this wonderful and surprising assignment. It is not by my power nor by my strength or understanding but by the spirit of the Most High God. This book was once a dream but now it is a reality, Thank you Jesus.

My humility, love and appreciation also to the following people;

My mother, Madam Victoria Onakpoberuo for her motherhood courage in supporting my career.

My pastors, Pastor Israel Blessing Akhibi, Pastor Henry Olisemenogho and Pastor Franklin Ejoyoma, their ministrations and preaching messages have been a great source of my inspiration.

My fellowship President Brother Amos Ekwerigbe, and my ex-president Pastor E.Nosa for their efforts.

Miss Mary Ify Osemene for her encouragement and helping hands, and all my friends.

All my fellowship members, and all my church members, your positive life style and prayer have proved it self in my life. God bless you, I love you all.



The Beginning of Success

It is obvious that success is a major dream of every human on earth. For some reasons, the successful men have fascinated the ordinary people in several ways. Most of us have carried different mentality about these successes acquired by the great men, their secret and how to discover the secret. Assumptions have been made that success is by hard working, by luck, by destiny and that success cannot be attributed to fate etc. This is because success begins with individual’s level of mentality. However, theories and research have made it clear beyond the several assumptions.

God has given you all that it takes to get the type of success that you want in an easy way; the mindset which is a natural asset that determines your potential towards success, the manual of life that can help you throughout your journey to your destination and to be prosperous and have good success. God want us to have good success mentality always from the beginning of our journey to our successful destination. That is why He have to remind Joshua, when he (Joshua) was about to begin his journey. He said, “This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success” (Joshua 1:8).

One of the major mentalities of success is how to begin. By deciding to read this book, you have just taken another step towards becoming a success. The purpose of this book is to clarify you of the role of your mindset in acquiring success.

There is a need to research the issues that bordered us a lot and to also spread the solution to the world. Here are the experiences from the world, in our own life and in the life of other people from the world trying to become somebody; those that have tried to succeed in life but failed and those that have tried and succeeded. I believe that experience is an express to a successful life. That is why readers are wiser because they read to learn from the experience of others in addition to what they have. The only way you can know the secret of a great man is to read what have been written about him, and what he has done. There is a secret behind every success. No man will ever tell you the secret behind his own success. This book will build your faith and your mentality to discover the lots of success which God have given to you. Success is not by profession but by progression. Success is your birth right. Discover it now.  

Chapter 1


Success is the act of fulfillment of purpose. Success is being successful in whatever one undertakes. Success is the accomplishment of plan and purpose. Success is simply knowing what to do and doing it well. Success is getting what you aim at. Success is the achievement of things hoped for.

The above definitions of success are depending on ones reaction towards success. Have a sound and a positive mind, plan to succeed wherever you are and fulfill the plan. Then you are a success. Until you achieve a success mentality success is unachievable, it look so far, so high, unachievable and so deem to you. So, mentality has a lot to do with success.

Mentality: it is a reaction from the mind, simply your mental ability. A mind set attitude for practical living. Our mentality has to do with a particular personality towards something, and this determines the level of passion you have towards life. That is why different people have different mentality.

For example, we saw the Russian people seem to have difficulties acclimatizing to the US or another country’s way of life (especially if they come in their 20’s), causing confusion and disagreement with other race, because of a different mentality.

So, mentality is a mindset attitude that formed in human, the ‘mode’ of thought.

Research has shown that our thought takes place in the mind and not in the brain. That is why you see some people, though their brain is sharp but the mind is not. They can be so brilliant but no sound mentality to make it in life, because sound mentality takes place in the mind. The brain is just there to help to know. That is why you see some students; they are so brilliant when they are in School they can be 1st class but yet they may not achieve success more than that in life, since there is no positive mentality of success to back it up.


The Mindset of Success

Until you set your mind positively on success, the success may be delayed. You can’t lack what you like and you can’t loose what you love at all cost. God have given you the mind as a natural asset to be used positively to get anything you want. The understanding of this natural asset called the mindset of success, determines your level of success in life.

Imagine a student graduated with 3rd class and a student that have 1st class, the 3rd class graduate now become the one that offers the 1st class graduate an employment to work under him. Inside that office, company or business, the 3rd class uses the brain of the brilliant men and women to get his work done and succeeded, because he has a sound mindset. That is, he has made up his mind to have success by all means. Therefore he uses his mindset to establish and employ the brain of the brilliants to work for him.

  So, it is not the brain set it is your mindset that determines your good or bad future. If your mindset toward success is bad you may end up being poor but if your mindset is good you will end up a success.

Psychologically, the brain may be irreversible but the mind can be reversible always. Did you know why? Yes, though the brain can assimilate even so fast yes but it only goes to one direction at a time. But not the mind, the mind can flash back, go to any direction at any time. The mind is the machine of reversibility in human’s heart. It is the mind that helps to bring forth what the brain has in store. That is why people who use positive mindset are more creative than people who just use only their brain.

In a state of relaxation our brain waves slow down and the subconscious of our mind is much more open to suggestion. The brain is to assist the mind for quick mental reasoning.

Morphologically, I believe that the word ‘remind’ was blend from the word ‘remember plus mind’. That is ‘remind’. And the process of reminding takes place from the mind.

Have you ever think for once, when you embarked on a journey with your own car then on getting to the half way you just turn back from the journey, so it is with the function of the mind, that determine your mentality either positive or negative. The mind can be reversed to anywhere at any point in time. Some one can be brilliant and yet fail in life. A student can be so brilliant in class; he/she may even be the one that taught the whole class in a particulars subject or course and yet fail and people he taught pass the exam. Why because he only apply the brain without the mind, and if the mind is not there the mark is not there.

Though, the brain is so wide, so elastic that it can take a lot of things, and at the same time forget some by the way. But the mind has a limit to what to take and what not to take. It select what to take and what not to take, the moment it is filled up nothing else can enter there. That is why you can only cross your mind; you cannot ‘cross your brain’. You can only ‘change your mind’ you can’t ‘change your brain’. You can say ‘I change my mind but you cannot say I change my brain’. This is because your mentality has its seat in the mind and your decision is from the mind. The mind does not forget, it only select.

The different between a dull brain and a sharp brain is the ability to assimilate fast, while the difference between a poor mind and a sound mind is the ability to put the mind into use, ability of choice, to choose and the end result.

So the mind is the function of both yes and no while the brain is the function of only yes.

When a man faints either as a result of motor accident or from other forms of shock, the first thing that goes out of the man is the mind, and as soon as he came back to life, he would have forgotten everything that happen to him at that instance of the accident. Why because the mind has already left him then, the mind is no longer there. So without the mind it is very difficult to know where you are in life. When you loss your mind, you loss your place in life. Your mind is very important to acquire success. Use it positively. So, it is the attitude of your mindset either to have success or not. Think of it.

Chapter 2


Success itself is a connection to success. The secret of your success is also the security of your success. That is why you need to guide your secret jealously. Behind every success there is a secret. A plan without a secret is a plan without a security. Success mentality simply means a positive mindset and attitude towards success. This type of success is general, both in spiritual, academic, business, health, financial, material and marital issues. Until you have positive mentality of the above at your planned time, I don’t believe you are a success yet. Think of it and take the challenge. Most people look at success from material point of view. That is, the acquisition of materials, wealth or knowledge which made them looks higher than their peers. The basic secret of success are thoughts, faith and manner of approach, which will also give you the clear picture of your success plan, ability to organize a success plan, and your statement towards success either positive or negative.




The Picture of Success

Success mentality gives you the clear picture of success whereby you begin to see your self a success. You can imagine what you can become in six to ten months time.

Here I will also talk about vision driver, this mean having a positive mentality to energize your mental reasoning which will lead to accumulation of vital information that will help to give you the success you want. Until you see it you can’t take it.

Your certificate is not enough for all the success you can acquire in life. The fact that you have acquired all the degree in the University does not mean that you are a success. After all, there are Master degree holders in the society today with first class, yet they are not recognized as elite or somebody. Why because they are yet to see their success and success is not seen in them. First class citizens are not those with first class result in school but those with first class in life at large. So start now to think on how your first class result can be of a resourceful to help the world instead of making empty noise. It is your resources that determine your result of success.

There are master degree holders today that cannot even pay their bill or tax, with bending shoes walking allover the streets, looking for employment opportunity instead of them to create one. The knowledge is there but the success mentality is not there. They can’t see any idea to develop by themselves. Even when they are called for interview by the time they speak unnecessary grammar lack of positive idea to crown it, before you new it they’ve already screen their self out. Not knowing that employers are not looking for employee that have only professional knowledge or certificate  but also the more success mentality and more positive idea you have, so that their company can succeed fast. I shall talk more on these later in pages ahead. You must get what you want.

Ability to organize a success idea

Whatever you have is enough to organize your idea. Success mentality gives you the ability to organize ideas and people to work for you so as to get what you want by all means.

That is why an ordinary school cert holder who has a success mentality, pictured a great success idea, employed a graduate to manufacture the idea for him, and is being refers to as elite or boss. He may not be as brilliant as that or have the certificate or the knowledge but he employed the brain of the brilliants and people that have the knowledge and use their knowledge to work under him and for him. If you don’t use what you have people will use it for you. It’s either you use what you have to help yourself or you use it for others. Think of it.

Don’t allow anybody to confuse you that you are too young or you are not intelligent, sharp, or brilliant, if you have a positive mindset and attitude towards success you will make it.


Positive Statement of Success

When you carry a success mentality always, it puts you in position of commanding what is good into your life. What comes from your mouth becomes wonderful to others because you can now see the picture of where you are going that others cannot see. As you are seeing it you keep on saying it. Others may not believe what you are saying, don’t mind. They don’t need to see everything because that is where your secret of success is. People may not see what you can do until you do it. I always tell my friends, ‘you may not like what I’m doing now but you will congratulate me later’. No wonder Apostle Paul was bold to say

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Philippians 4:13.)

Everyone around you must congratulate you because this is your season of congratulation.


Chapter 3


By birth you are destined to succeed in all aspect of life. For you are what you think you are, every human has been given the opportunity to success in life, it now depends on the individual to see it as attainable.

“For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed forever” (Gen.13:15).

All that Abraham imagined that day became his portion. He did not need to trek through all the land to see physically. Whatsoever his mind imagined, God gave to him.

Always has the mentality that there is something God has given to you. See it; until you see that which you have, more cannot be given to you.

“For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance… (Matt.25:29).

Be grateful and praise God for everything you have.

Never close your mouth, ask for more, and it shall be given to you (John 14:13). Imagination is the image of every notion. With the support of heaven, all things are possible if you can imagine it.

Success is not for special categories of people, this is because in every individual, there is a special attribute for success but no man is an island of his own. Therefore, one must continue to seek knowledge from the environment and people around him to ensure maximum productivity. You are a good product from God; you must produce a good result.


Now it is Your Choice

Now it is your choice either to succeed or not, in case you have not heard a voice calling you to a particular assignment or you never noticed a gift you are endowed with, you can still become a success by choosing what to do or what to become in life. This is because God respect your choice a lot. There is a treasure in you already that will make you shine. What are you waiting for?

You have the choice, and that is why you need to substitute the many options that come to your way. It is not everything that comes your way that you must waste your time to think or border about. If you want to succeed fast in life you need to subject your thinking towards positive thought only. Ignore those thoughts that are not necessary, issues that will not add value to your life, don’t waste your time thinking about them. The bible makes me to understand that where your treasure is that is where your heart will be also. Is it the way people talk to you or insult you, laugh at you or issue that have come and gone that you are still wasting your precious time to think about? Great men don’t have time for that. It will not add anything to their life. Success is ahead, waiting for you to knock, and the door will open. Great men ignore the unnecessary things and face the necessary things and further to succeed ahead. That is why you see that things don’t always border them. No, things border them but they choose to ignore them and face their next life.  Until you ignore what the devil is showing you, you may not see what God is showing you. So see success always and choose success if you want success. Let success mentality flow allover you always. It is what you are looking for you look at, and it is what you look at you look like. So, look at success, imagine it and acquire it. Then you will not only look like success but you will become a success and you will be congratulated. When success is acquired sufferings and poverty is forgotten, backbiter become friends and come closer.

It is per choice. In the world of everybody anybody can become somebody. Most of the great men of today are nobody yesterday but they decided not to remain a ‘nobody’.

‘To live without a goal is to live like a goat’, whose life ends in a pot of soup, you need to dream well of yourself even when you are in a well position. A financial dream is one of them; a financial dream is a financial boom. Success leads to the individual development and all others around him. Success for one is a success for all. You need to move close to people that have made it in your field.



Time for a Successful Action

 You don’t take action just because you have the chance or opportunity, but you take action because it is important. Think very well and very fast before you take any action. Sometime ago, a friend of mine told me when he was in the university, he said “when I get to 300 level I will buy my own car”. See what happen, when he got to 300 level, he got the money, but he refuse to buy the car. Wonderful, so I asked him “guy how far, what are you still waiting for, now that you have the money it’s an opportunity to fulfill your previous plan”. Then he said, “My friend, that I have the money or the opportunity now does not mean that I should go ahead and buy the car immediately, there is time for everything” he stated. I understand that God is still alive to direct us if we wish. Another friend said to him, “guy, the time has come and that is why the money has come, that is why God gave it to you”. Then he replied, God have not said so. And after all he went ahead to sow (invest) the money. After a year plus in 400level as at the time he was graduating he has establish his own company where he employed more than fifteen people working for him, both graduates and undergraduates. As at that time when he just graduated he has own two vehicles that are working for him in his company.

There is time for everything, and that is why you need to ask God first before you take any step. God gives vision at appointed time for you to take off. Elijah was told the time to be at the brook. Joshua followed the timing of God and he was able to fall the wall of Jericho.

Have you ask God, are you sure that you are doing the right thing at the right time, have you think ahead about that action you are about to take? It’s better to think ahead before going ahead. When you think ahead before you go ahead then you will see the end and you will be ahead.







Chapter 4


Nobody knows what you carry before now, but when the time comes as you keep on exercising what you know and what you  believe, people that have being mocking you before will start announcing you. There is time and season for every thing. Darkness cannot comprehend the light when the time comes. Success is not searched for; it is being reasoned out and imbedded in an individual. So stop searching in the dark, come to the light. There is positive transformation everywhere, is just that you have not locate your own. Whatever your mind can get determine what your hand can get. Every human is a natural scientist called “time machine” we traveled round the time, millions of the year into the future, but I want you to know, with Jesus plus your marginal mentality, one day is like a thousand year and a thousand years as one day. I believe that life can change within a day. So the faster you think you can make it, the faster you can. Your future is now not later.

Whether you like it or not people are making it everyday, don’t be deceived that you are still young, because after death nothing can be done. All the talent, ideas, experience will go to the grave. No wonder a wise man said ‘the richest place in the world is the burial ground’. Prof. G.G Darah also said “every old person who dies in Africa is like a library destroyed by fire”.  This is because everything he came to life with, both the ones he acquired while on earth has gone to the burial ground. See, unfaithful approach to life leads to fearful reproach in life and in heaven. Ask the Rich fool and the poor Lazarus in the bible if you see them. 


Start Now to Become a Star

Until you start you may not become a star. Know that we are not born to be improving alone in this world but we are born to improve the world. You don’t need to wait until you have everything before you start, don’t wait until you become perfect. Start now. Until you start to improve upon the level you are now you may not have a prove anywhere. You cannot get something out of nothing. No matter how great your vision is, it will not yield anything if you don’t do anything about it. Nothing must be taken for granted. That is why you need a dynamic mind set because success is your portion.




Have a Dynamic Idea

You need a dynamic mind if you must be successful and to avoid fear in your journey to success. Fear is not respect but a stumbling block to success and vision actualization. You must also have dynamic thought to have a dynamic idea. That is a forceful thinking; it gives out a forceful idea. Forceful ideas are those ideas that cannot be killed or buried; they keep on rolling in your brain until you carry them out, until they must produce result. Dynamic idea, when well carried out they yield unstoppable result and therefore lead to positive life style.

 A dynamic idea is like vision, it comes so clear and it disturb your mind until you produce it. We need to sit down and think dynamically to have a dynamic idea. If you can’t think it means you have sink. The hour of thinking is not a wasted hour. It is a preparation to rise up and shine again. Therefore you need a conceivable environment for a conducive thought in developing your mentality towards success. It is your thinking that makes your result different. There is no dull mind any where, put your mind to work and it will work for you. It is your thinking that determines your taking.


Chapter 5


Let it continue flowing in you, carry a success mentality always if you want to succeed in life, have passion for it always because there is a seed of success in you, it’s not a formulation, it is a formation from the mindset. A success mentality simply means having success as your life style. If others can succeed you can succeed too and even though nobody is making it in your field, you can still make it because you are different. Remember the bible says when people shall be saying there is a casting down you shall be saying there is a lifting up. Men with dynamic idea make some mistakes to get the right experience. You need to succeed in life that is when you are counted relevant in your world.

Where the successful men tread, the poor and the coward dread. It is what you believe that you receive. Believe that you can make it, give it all it takes and you will make it. Abraham Lincoln said “belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture”. That you are gentle does not mean that you are dull or poor. God have given to you a sound mind from his own mind that is why you need to study Him and follow Him and His way, not the ways of the idols. When you do the things of the idols you also will become dull. But when you do the things of Christ you will have a Christ like mind, a sound mind.

Think right and you will be right, think well and you will be well, think about success and you will be successful.

Some years ago I ask a friend of my dad, ‘Sir Vincent’. “Sir how did you acquired all these wealth?” I asked. And he quickly answered, “Right from my childhood even till now, I always have a great passion and desire to get rich” he said. But I went further to ask, “so what did you do, how did you start?” and he said again, the only thing he thinks about is how to be successful always in life because there is no one successful man in their family at then, “in fact I think about success everyday and I am so desperate for it, I look for people that have acquired wealth and I find out what they are doing, so I imitate them and also apply my own different wisdom, when people are discussing event, I am in isolation thinking of how to accomplish success”. He stated. I thought of these words always. Today, Sir Vincent is a renowned billionaire and international business man who started his life by supplying firewood to people.

A rich man is the one that has provided services to many people and has been justly rewarded for them. Success is the golden key of civilization. And faith is another key to success.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrew 11:1).

If you can hope for success in whatever you are doing and have faith as your evidence, believe me you, success will be yours forever. Act like you already have what you are hoping for, and you will have them.


Use Your Initiative

Success is an identity, people who succeed in life are people who see and use what God have given to them and they are ever desperate to succeed because they know what God expect them to become. Your initiative is the ability to apply a new approach to a problem, the opportunity to act before others do. You need a new approach to make a different in everything you do. Take the ability to act independently. God have destined everyone to succeed by giving us the basic needs. It is left for us to use them; the mouth, Wisdom, Talent, Experience, Commitment, Secret and Plan and Prayer (PP).

The above seven devices, if you can use them positively your success is sure. Use your mouth; you have the freedom of speech.

The mouth: it is what you want that you say, and when you say it you can have it. Until you say it, it means you have not believed it. If you believe yourself for something you will be bold to say it. Until you talk or say what you know people that need it may be closer to you and may not know. Your life is in your mouth, don’t close it always. Out of it power, ideas, authority, wisdom, talent, experience, commitment, secret, planning and prayer flows.

Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways” (Job 22:28).

Wisdom: wisdom is the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment. It is also the quality of being wise, knowing what you want, what to do and doing it at the right time.

If you really know what you want out of life and that you can achieve them, it will be amazing how opportunities will come to enable you achieve them. Henry Ford said ‘the whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do and do it’.

Talent: Talent is a natural aptitude or skill that differentiates your performance from others. Learn to discover your hidden talent it may be a lot easier than you think. Knowledge can be learned but talent is enduring. Did you know that you are carrying inside you that thing which you are looking for? The key to the success you are looking for have been wrapped inside your talent for you by your creator. Take time to seek what is within you and you will find success.

Experience: is a practical contact and observation of facts or events. Experience is a model education to lives. Don’t bury your experience; it is very useful to others, use it to build your self and sell out to the world and the reward will increase you. Don’t hope all of the potential threats to your job and career disappear. They won’t. Your experience is an inspiration to the world.

Commitment: Commitment is giving it all it takes. Commitment and hard work go hand in hand. Moreover, commitment is the master of hard working. Until you commit all you may not collect all. Commitment involves what we called ‘HR HR’, the higher the risk, the higher the return or reward. You may not get to Canaan land until you cross the red sea. Without commitment, hardworking is in vain. Success is defined not by losses but by effort that produce result. If you can truthfully say ‘I did my best, I gave everything I had and get a good result from it’ then you are a success.

(PP) Planning and Prayer: When you plan without prayer it means you are telling God that you are sufficient of your self. Then when you pray without planning is as if you are telling God to come and work on your dry ground. Think of it. So, the two must work together. It is better you start planning now and also pray along with your plan. Never work and work without planning. Hard work without planning makes Giant a poor man.

God has given you the order so what are you waiting for? Use what you have to get what you want. It’s not a yardstick.

Take a step and have a success mentality running all over your brain that you can make it. That thing that always occur to your mind at a particular time, season or when you are frustrated, why not trying it? Destinies always occur like that. Take a step as you read (Pilip.4:13, MK.9:23).






You need to expand the mind. How? By reading wide and relating with people of positive idea. The people you relate with and the books you read determines how different you will become and the more different you can make in life. The wider you relate the wider you see, and the wider you see, the more idea that comes to your mind. And because you have related wider, your mind will be wider to contain the ideas you have acquired. Friends and books you come in contact with are great transformer that can make difference in your life. The mindset is renewed, refreshed, recharged, vast, and is always ready to clarify ideas when connected to reading books and relates with other great fellows.

As a student this will also help to increase the brain condition such as high rate of comprehension, assimilation and retention. The whole truth is that you need to be addicted to books, the more information you get, and the more books you read is the more knowledgeable you are.

There is no magic of success anywhere. Every success must be built. The success you did not build today will beat you tomorrow. Every success, either inherited or self made need to be continuously built on.

Daniel was a success already, but he decided to become more ten times better than his superior. So what did he do? (Daniel 9:2) says “…I Daniel understood by books…”  That is where he found the secret of becoming 10 times better than his superior. He searched for the facts in books. Not one book, but books.

David Livingstone, a Scottish missionary and explorer once said ‘I will go anywhere as long as it is forward.’ So also if you want to be successful always, you must carry this mentality by saying ‘I will search for more success by reading good books to anywhere as long as it is for success, inspiration, information, transformation and educative.

Never be contented in fact finding. The more you read the more fact you will find, and the more you will discover that you’ve not discovered anything enough yet. Until you discovered new facts, you will always think that you have known all, and that you have the best.

After studying psychology as a course in the university, I thought I have gotten the great knowledge that is enough for me to write on human life and behavior. But after a few years when I went further to study both philosophy and psychology, I discovered that I have not known anything yet about human life, behavior, mind, and their personalities. I discovered that studies is a continuous direction and it reduces unnecessary lost, ignorant, and stress. Studies conducted in time past have reduced the task and time needed in carrying out successful programs.






Until you process you never possess. To possess your possessions you need to process those things God have commission into your hand. Remember that there are some resources God has put inside you, and if you can process them you can posses them as your possession. In other word, your resources determine your result. Make your ideas to be so resourceful to the world and the world will buy. Ideas are expensive to the world of today. Find time to process them very well then sell them and you shall get success from them. There are about 200 ideas that pass through your mind every day. What are you doing with them? These ideas are like seeds, they must be sowed, cultivated, watered, pruned and developed, or they will bear no fruit. You need to identify one good positive God’s inspired idea to manufacture, act on it, then you will be at the head.

A useful idea can become useless if you refuse to use it at the right time. It is not all ideas that are permanent. Some comes and go. One way to preserve idea is to write it down. Every idea is for a particular time. Idea that is lost may be difficult to recollect.

Your mind, the Holy Spirit, thoughts and some conditions are the vehicle of ideas, which spreads ideas around. Until you put your mind to good use, good ideas may not come via the mind. If you grieve the spirit, you will miss the ideas that are coming from the Holy Spirit. Until you think about an idea, you may not have a clear view of the idea. When condition is given, alternative idea will surely come. Think of it.

God who created you have given you the channel through which ideas can be transfer to you. It now depends on you to use the idea wisely. God passes ideas to you because He has given you an assignment to accomplish. God gave Joseph an idea on how to preserve food to prevent hunger in Egypt because He wanted to make Joseph a leader in Egypt. And that is how Joseph became a success. It is the problems you are able to solve that determine your success in life. It is the accomplishment of assignment that is count as a success.

It is very important you understand that you are created by God to fulfill a particular assignment or purpose. God sees a need that is why He created you to solve the need.

(Jeremiah 1: 5) says, “before I found thee in the belly I knew thee, and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee….”

It is time to manifest your purpose on earth that is why you are born. Please if you are reading this book now; know for sure that you are on earth for an assignment. Identify your assignment now because there is your way to find a good success.


Don’t live in this world the same way you see things.

You can change the world. If our forefathers have live without testing the idea that enter into their mind years ago, they would have died of hunger because God did not put food into their hand when they came to this world, but He gave them idea. It was that idea that told them; scratch two stone, they scratch it and get fire from it, uproot this plant (yam, cassava, or cocoyam), cook it and taste it, they tried it and that is the beginning and that is how they started. You and I still enjoy from it till today. What is that idea God has put into your mind times without numbers, what are you doing with them? That Idea may be the key to your place of prosperity. Moreover, success is discovered mostly where no one have ever lay a path. So, discover such a path now and lead the trail. And you will be the first to discover the success therein. The world is waiting for you. There is something you can give to the world that nobody else can’t. You are created to change the world and the phases of your generation.








Chapter 6


I have learned this that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours. Yet there are a lot of people outside, the graduates, young men and ladies in the society searching for employment opportunities. Like I ask myself, can there be anything more frustrating than this? Imagine the sleepless nights (Awoko), days of lectures, assignments, and examinations tension and preparation till the day of graduation all in the name of degree certificate. This can be very painful. When I ask myself when is this mess of unemployment going to stop? Another question came;”is there no way we can succeed beyond the degree certificate or even the unemployment in our society?” Then life told me that most men and women who got to the top today are not only those with the degree certificate, but those who did the creative jobs or business they generated and start with what they have in hand, with everything they have of energy, enthusiasm, risk, entrepreneurship and commitment.

In the society today people gain admission, and after a series of academic activities in school, they graduate in their first class and second class uppers to be mind drop-outs, which is more dangerous than a school drop-out. They are released into the society to search for employment opportunities, until they get tired and say ‘God what have I done’. They have done what the university offered them leaving the real idea God have given to them when they were in higher institution. I think it’s time they start growing the mentality of succeeding beyond the degree or certificate, and start now even within two to four years in their higher institution. Don’t just pass through the school; let the school also pass through you. Great lives are the culmination of great thoughts followed by great actions. Dr. David Oyedepo once said ‘schooling only make you literate, it is investing in actual literature that make your actual future’. Think of it. It is time we think out of the certificate and grab the actual future.

Poor students read only what they are taught in their notebooks, average students study notebooks and textbooks prescribed for them in school, but great student search for books both inside his field and outside his field and study wider for future purpose. So search for books that can direct you to that secret of success. The secret of great men’s success have being packed in books. A book cannot live you the way you meet it. No matter how nonsense it is, there must be a sense and information the writer is trying to pass across. The great men and women of today may not have the time to tell you about their success, but if you can read what they wrote, their biography and what people have written about them you will know how they started and how they have made it in life.

So you need to get this information. A wise man once said until you are informed you may never be transformed.  The difference between a wonderful man and a wanderer is information. A wonderful man know where he is going that is why he arrived, but the wanderer don’t know where to go that is why they are wondering about the bush. So get information. Information will help you to know how the people that have succeeded in your field started, and what they did. It will help you to know their secret and even learn from the mistakes of others.

The School of Success

Have a good thought and idea for a positive mental out look. Thousands of men have managed with their own idea and business without the benefit of higher education. There is an in-depth knowledge in you that can make you so industrious and mould your fortunes. Everyone in this world has at least one talent. Have you identified your own? A successful man is the one that have learned how to put their inner powers to good use. I don’t know any school of failure but, the only school of success I know is where people put their idea and inner power to a good use.

Success is by choice. There is no university anywhere were success is being taught as a core course. What they give to you is just a little option to move into success or not. I have discovered that while some students are using their four years only for certificate some others are bagging both the certificate and also molding their future at the same time. That you are a student does not mean that you cannot do something extra. After the many years in the university the next thing you will see is your certificate, and after then the university will bid you goodbye, we wish you good luck ‘bye, bye’. Meaning it is now left for you, to go and face your life.

A bird at hand is worth more than thousands in the bush. So where is the bird in your hand? Employment is just like the thousands of birds in the bush. So by the time you go out into the world and enter into the labour or favour market. You are not certain of what the out come may be. There are people that have started their lives when in school, and by the time they graduated they have already stand well, with something tangible they have established.  They have also acquired experience from it in addition to their academic line. Remember that employer or company owners are not looking for people that have only certificate, but people that have acquired experience from various organizations business, jobs, or what they have done before. That is why they always demand for three to ten years working experience for employment qualification.

There are two friends sometimes ago, who met on the street after not seeing each other for 20 years. One, who had graduated at the top of his class, was now working as an assistant branch manager of a local bank. The other, who had never overwhelmed anyone with his intellect, owned his own company and was now a millionaire several times over. When his banking friend asked him the secret of his success, he said it was really quite simple. “when I was in school then, I use to save some money, I saved N100 every day with a finance company, so recently I have this one product that I buy for N20,000 and sell for N50,000”, he stated.

I don’t have an innate prejudice against intellect, intelligence, or for that matter, graduate degrees, but they are not substitutes for common sense, people sense, or street smarts. Having money is not equal to success but you cannot become a success without money. Think of it.



Don’t Sell Off

 It may be as a result of these obstacles to success Negligence, Greediness and Anxiousness.

Negligence: Many have neglect their ways to success, many people have lost a lot of success in that they refuse to value opportunities that comes to their way. Some therefore sell off the opportunity.

To sell off is another obstacle. Don’t sell off, you don’t need to sell off that idea, you don’t need to sell off that opportunity or destiny. You don’t need to neglect them. For it is easy to sell off than to recover. To sell off simply means the careless exchange of an impacted gift for worthless things of life. To become a servant to circumstance, such as hungry, failure, pain, brief lack, frustration, delay, anxiety etc. They are stepping stones to become a success in life. No man on earth has ever escaped all. Just for the vision to be fulfilled. They must surely come, but you will overcome. Whatever destiny you sell off today will not only affect you but the entire generation present and the ones to come.

We have seen people that have sell off the glory of their generation or even nations just for a plate of food, a pond of flesh and other worthless things of the world. But these can only sustain them for only a few hours or days. It will soon come back. As a child of God, that has been destined to succeed, you don’t need to sell off before you can survive. God knew you before He formed you. To sell off does not mean giving or receiving, but trade by Barter where by one lost his entire precious destiny for a plate of pottage. Ask Esau and Jacob in the bible, (Gen.25:29-37). In today’s world, a plate of pottage can also be food, woman, money, play or hail.  The background of a poor man is not the reason for these but the standing point. Esau and Jacob have the same background but yet Esau sold off even when he was opportune to be the elder. Think of it.

Success is not determined or acquired by position; it is by your production, what you are able to produce. It is what Jacob was able to produce that made him a success over Esau. Joseph’s idea made him a success and also a leader in Egypt and all over his brother. Every beggar is an inferior to the giver. Confirm from Esau in the bible.

Greediness and Anxiousness: never mistake greediness or anxiousness for success mentality. It never help but brings about failure at last and turn the victim to beggar. Joseph’s brothers became beggars to him after they have sold off their only precious glory (Gen.37:28, Exod.1:13). Joseph was an economic solution of their generation but none of them knew, and that is why they sold him off for twenty pieces of silver. You don’t need to sell off, that destiny, that solution in your generation, that honor or that blessing. Calm down and look for a God fearing solution.

If you are striving, and yet not making it, check carefully before you continue. Something may be wrong somewhere. Until you know your problem there is no solution anywhere. Ask yourself, find out from people. Where is your weak point, is it the way you take things, your thinking, the way you understand, are you thinking without end? Thinking without end, means confusion. Is it your mental ability or IQ level? There is something you can do with whatever God have given to you and it will make you a success, no matter your present personality.


Waiting to be Activated

This is the only difference between those who succeed and attract money and those who fail or experience only moderate success. You are the only one that can take the right step to develop your self best. There is an adage which said ‘it is the child that stretch his/her hands up that the elder will lift up. Until you mind yourself nobody will mind you. Never sketch around issues by insisting that you cannot do it.

Successful men of today have made a lot of attempts before perfecting their success. We have heard of a great leader who lost about 18 elections before becoming the president of the United State? Did you know that personal defeat is an education it self? This is because from there you will learn a lot. If you have no confidence in yourself, you are twice defeated in the race of life. But with confidence, you have won even before you have started. If you take a pen and start writing down your excuses, you will see that you have prevented yourself a lot from being successful, before or even up till now.

Now that you have taken a step to read this book, you are ready to take another basic step to move by force. But if you refuse to take the step early, it may be too late. The zeal will soon slip away gradually. One way to keep the zeal of being successful burning is by reading books that concern success or success motivation and at the same time taking a necessary action without procrastination.

Most people live with the idea that everything will magically work out all right or easy, that they will somehow end up being free successful and out of their money problems. What they are basically expecting is a miracle. Miracle can never occur where obstacle is not found. Think of this.

Wishing or Wants

Many people fail in their attempt to get rich, but still honestly desire an improvement in their lives. The reason for this is that they have mistaken wishing for really wanting. A wish is ever weak, neglected, changeable, procrastinated and passive. It doesn’t yield to concrete action or success. Wanting moves us to action. It doesn’t tolerate delays. There is a zeal attach to wanting, and it bypass obstacles.

Develop a good zeal of success now and you will see the miracle. If you can bypass obstacle you will receive a miracle.










Chapter 7


Positive mentality towards success in your destinations will open your eyes to discover that you are in your place of success. To every thing created by God, there is a particular place for such thing to succeed in it. There is no way you can defile your place and succeed. Until you apply wisdom, you may not know your place of success which is God heritage for you.

“For wisdom is a defense, and money is a defense: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it” (Ecclesiastes 7:12)

Now your wisdom is the product of your intellectual device in every action. It gives you the understanding of what to think deeply and what to do per time wherever you find yourself.

Success requires no explanations, its only need wisdom and trying new ideas and failure permits no ability.

The actions you take determine the quality of what you posses out of abundance which you may not see until you use the mind, imagination, and the brain, not only the physical eyes. The only difference between a mad man and a normal man is inability to use the mind and the ability to put the mind to work.

Now God created a man and put him in a place of success (Garden of Eden). But due to lack of understanding and lost of wisdom, Adam defiles the place and lost it.

Lack of wisdom connotes a lot of warfare and lack of success.  Please identify your place. Success can be acquired everywhere you are if you determine and follow the principles of success. Remember that there is a reason why God put you in the place you are today. If you don’t mind the place, the place will not mind you. All you have to do is to find out and ponder on it again and again as you continue moving. There is a treasure in everywhere you are. Have the faith that God have made the place for you. That is why you need to meditate on His words, day and night in your journey towards success, because inside the word you will find prosperity and your place of good success.

“This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe go do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shall have good success” (Joshua 1:8).

The bible is a manual of life, a brochure of prosperity. The scriptures are expose to every good assignment, and a direction to our place of success. I want you to believe that you are not a failure but a favour. The states of your mind concerning the place you are determine what you will do with it, and what you do with it determine what you will get from it.

Where ever you are, always mind the time and the season. You need to determine your way now, in that what you determine to do is a path to your destination in life and your destination determine your distinction in life.



1. Brainstorm what you would do if you had the time, money, effort, energy and passion to do whatever you want. Think wild.

2. List your heart’s desires and longings; list your lifelong hopes and dreams

3. Identify the areas where you would like to be remembered of.

4. Ask yourself what you care about so much that you could willingly give your life for it.

5. List the memorable moments that have thus far shaped your life.

6. Interview a family member and a close friend. Ask them what subjects they notice that you bring up most often and are passionate about.

7. Assess your natural talents, skills and strengths, for evidence of your calling.

8. Take a personality assessment to determine how best to fulfill your calling.

9. Identify other people who seem to be operating in a calling that is similar to yours, research the steps they took to fulfill their calling or vision.



(1)What do others look to me for?

(2)What do I give to others?

(3)What do I have the most fun

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