A Memory To Remember

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A piece of memory of childhood that humorously is still stuck.

Submitted: July 29, 2017

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



I was young and mischievous, about 7 years old. As my mother recalls at every family gathering, “the most annoying one among all 4 brothers”. I always kept myself busy with my own life, concerned about my own life. It felt like the world moves around me, like the world couldn’t make a single move until I allowed it not to. All these imaginations made me stubborn and trust me not a little but a lot. Being the youngest one in the house, my family did make sure that almost all my demands do get fulfilled. I used to dance around all the places considering myself a king. It was silly but it doesn’t matter because I was a child and that’s what they are supposed to do, right?

It was beginning of a regular month and as all families do, we decided to go for grocery shopping. Going through all the shelves and sections, my eyes got attention towards the most colorful part of the store. Yes, of course the kids section where all the toys and playful material is found. It was almost impossible for me to stop myself and become a part of that section. It felt like an invisible rope kept on pulling me towards all those action figures. I forgot whether I came with any family members or by myself. My family let me stare at all these good-looking attractions. But also, guided not to create a scene to buy something from that section. Apparently, I bought something else the same day, but can’t remember that part of the day not even till today.

There was this batman action figure, all shiny and packed in such a bold way. I couldn’t stop glazing it. Even though I wasn’t a big batman fan but still I couldn’t take my eyes of it. It felt like it was calling me and hypnotizing me to be bought. So firstly, I asked my father if I could buy it and he refused reminding me that I am not allowed to buy anything else at least that day. I couldn’t wait for the next day to come and buy it, worrying if anybody else takes it. I had to do something. So, I planned to take it with me no matter what. I was a good child, has always been. I never thought of stealing it. I still remember that I promised myself to come next time and pay the price of it from my savings which were of about 37Rs. Although its cost was of 155Rs. But like that mattered back then!

So, I hid it under my shirt thinking that it’s not visible at all and walked confidently in front of all the people visiting there. I remember my brother looking at me and not making a sound. Maybe he wanted me to get caught. I walked past my mother and father to the counter proudly thinking nobody can spot it. Last thing I remember about that day is the receptionist giving me a smirk and saying, “which gym do you go to?” I don’t remember what happened next or probably don’t want to remember what happened next! All that is in past now so I guess it doesn’t matter, that day left some marks on me for sure, visible marks I mean, but that day never gets blurry in my mind. It has and always will be in my memory lane bright and shiny on top of the list.

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