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I'm not sure if this qualifies as "poetry"'s more a list of thoughts/emotions/feelings ...
...would love to hear feedback anyway... thanks!

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



It’s been 9 months

Not a single night passes

Without your thoughts threatening me

Without your visions haunting me

Without your spirit possessing me


Not a single morning passes

Without your eyes awakening mine

Without your being belying mine

Without your truth trembling mine


How is it that your eyes make mine

wish not to open

Not that you visit my dreams

You rule the liminality

between my sleep and my awake

That conscious unconscious conscious

That awakening slumber

That intoxicated realm of your reality

That neither-here-nor-there certitude

That drowsy state in which everything is clearest

In which my body thrashes around feeling for you

My heart calls your name louder than my ears can bear

In which my spirit surfaces only to drown again in your misery

My soul waits with parched lips

Watching my spirit drown in the ocean of your longing

Where is your mercy you boast of

Where is your kindness

How could you stand there watching me drown

Now I know how Sohni drowned crossing the river

You stood there like a detached bystander

Is your slumber deeper than mine

Is your heart number than mine

Why do you treat me thus


It’s almost 5 in the morning

Another night spent evading sleep

Another morning begins having gained no respite

From your thoughts

Another liminality you rule

between my night and day

Neither day nor night is mine

Neither sleep nor awake is mine

Neither inhale nor exhale is mine

Neither lub nor dub is mine

Neither rain nor shine is mine

Neither your thoughts nor mine are mine

Neither your heart nor mine is mine

Neither stillness nor movement is mine

Neither the light nor the dark is mine

Neither happiness nor melancholy is mine

Neither the laughter nor the tears are mine

Neither the heartache nor the peace of mind is mine

Neither this body nor this soul is mine

Neither your eyes nor my visions are mine

Neither the oceans nor the sky is mine

Neither the heights nor the depths are mine

Neither the wind nor the leaves are mine

Neither the time nor this place is mine

Neither your push nor my pull is mine

Neither your desires nor my fires are mine

Neither beauty nor strength is mine

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