The God of Fairness

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

A dialog about science and religion between a mom and a fifth grader who comes to visit her sometimes.

Table of Contents

The God of Fairness

A dialog about science and religion between a woman and a girl in 5th grade who is a close relative. Read Chapter

Religion And Crowdsourcing

A: I still don’t see where this God of Fairness is coming from.  Nobody else talks about him. M: I know.  I wanted to m... Read Chapter

Symbols And the Real World

A: You were going to tell me if Batman is real. M: That’s right!  So let’s think this through.  Batman doesn’t have s... Read Chapter

The Creation and Evolution of Life and Technology

A: Who created life? M: Who creates technology? A: That’s engineers, but life wasn’t created the same way, right?  M... Read Chapter

The Value of Life

A: Is it wrong to kill a spider? M: Why do you want to kill the spider? A: What I meant was: If I kill a dog, that’s certainly ... Read Chapter

Spirituality And Fairness

A: You’d have got a kick out of what Emma said today!  She went on and on about how she was this spiritual person. M: I don... Read Chapter

Abraham and Objectivity

A: I don’t think that what you said about the God of Fairness is about religion.  The Gods in religions are all supernatural. ... Read Chapter

Tao And the Electron

A: You said that you are a non-theist, but isn’t the supernatural God what makes a religion a religion? M: Not all religions have... Read Chapter

Science And Our Planet

A: We got into a big debate about global warming today.  Some people really don’t like science!  But then, I’ve got to sa... Read Chapter