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Just something I wanted to do, I'm not entirely holding to these thoughts, some are jokes, kinda.

Submitted: December 14, 2010

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Submitted: December 14, 2010



Michael Jackson wanted to be white so the white people couldn’t judge his music by his colour.
Chinese people aren’t smart, just that they work hard.
Jews aren’t penny pinchers nor cheap just they don’t buy all the useless crap that most other countries are used to.
You may be the richest man on earth but you are the most targeted one to be robbed.
You can complain about a trend, you can follow a trend, you can hate a trend but you can’t stop a trend.
Justin Bieber may be a highly targeted singer for insults but he doesn’t have to work anymore if he wants to retire. Would you work for tons of money if you had to be insulted by the millions of people?
“Gay” used as an insult shows as much of an insult as “nigger,” although I don’t think many homosexual people call each other gay.
The Bible says we were once all Asian once.
You can be white and an asian if you were Russian. Guess they couldn’t pick between being ignorant and being talented.
White people create all the stereotypes. Even about themselves.
Black people don’t want to steal money nor lives but respect. However, respect doesn’t pay for room and board.
Laughter is the best cure for pain is wrong, suicide is.
Men can’t let out their emotions so they suicide.
Women let out their emotions, which help them lead into suicide.

You may have the best life in the world but that makes it so much worse when you die.

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