Dear Human Race

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A Letter of Truth

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012




Dear Human Race

I thank you dearly

for granting me such power

I thank you sincerely

Since my birth in the west

I grow stronger and stronger

And now I progress

Im branching my wings, infecting worldwide

Whilst you craze over me

I remain empowered dictating everyday lives

I have no business in sharing

No interest in good will

Only care for insane self-interests

More profit and bills

Don’t help one another

It cuts me too deep

Keep fighting one another

And continue to compete

You have traded in everything

Just to keep score

I willingly oblige

We must keep the poor poor

For those who think their winning

I am still in control

As to get to where you have

You sold me your soul

You’ve legitimised my regime

No one will think twice

It’s like I’ve always been here

I’ve settled in quite nice

So thanks once again

For putting your futures faith in me

Yours faithfully

The Economy

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