Chapter 10 Dream Trip

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Submitted: June 09, 2012



“I don’t think so Harry…” I said. “But why not c’mon just come with me?” he seemed impatient. “Harry I said no and that’s it I’m not going to Cheshire with you so no just no.” I raised my voice a little higher. “Seriously you’re not coming with me!” his eyes grew dark and big. He bursted out the door muttering something under his breath, no goodbye, no see you later. He had just left I didn’t know if he was on his way to Cheshire or just went out to blow off steam. I sat there for a good 10 minutes thinking why was he mad and upset I just wasn’t ready for the whole family thing. I heard a car door shut outside “WERE BAAAACKKK!!” shouted Louis from outside. They came inside Lou and Zayn obviously drunk and their now “babysitters” Julie and Andrea dragging them in. “Hey Joecelyn babe be a sweetheart and……..wait where’s Harry?” Liam asked looking around. I shrugged my shoulders saying “I don’t know and don’t care!” I was a little upset that Harry had left. “WHAT IS HARRY MISSING!!” shouted Zayn. “ZAYN MALIK SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND GO TO BED!” yelled Andrea dragging him to their room a little impatient. “Okay.” he shrugged and they left. “Joecelyn what do you mean you don’t know?” Liam asked while calling Harry’s cell phone. “I’m just going to bed.” I shrugged off to my room. “Joecelyn……” Anna called from outside my room. “Come in.” I replied while sitting on my bed. We talked and I told her what happened “I’m sure he just went for a ride…..well ima go to sleep ninja!” she nudged me and left.

Liam came in saying “We have an interview tomorrow so I’m sure he’ll be back don’t worry!” he reassured me.

Interviewer: “So Harry i see you have a girl? We seen those pictures from last night at the club! Don’t lie!!” She asked giving him a slight grin.

What the hell was this damn interviewer talking about. Club? Girl? Photos? Last night? I questioned myself. One night and already this.

Harry: “Well……I was a little on the drunk side” He gave a frown to the floor.

“That’s it Harry Styles you cheating bastard!” I yelled at my T.V. “Hey what’s wrong……OMG the boys are on!” Anna said excitedly.

Interviewer: “Hey producers can we see those pictures……..ahhhh look there yup those are defiantly his curls!” she said.

I felt my eyes get watery and Anna hugged me. “There all lies you know how scandalous the media is!” she tried to help. I looked back at the pictures still on the screen of him snogging a girl. “Anna why, am I not good enough!” I said feeling the tears stream down my face. There was a knock on the door it was Andrea and Julie. “Joecelyn honey are you okay” they both hugged me.

Harry: “uhmmm……….” he responded.

“Uhmmmm…….Uhmmmm…that’s all he is going to say!” I stopped crying knowing that he wasn’t worth it and obviously to good to be true. “I’m sorry Joecelyn please I know you’re watching this please I’ll explain :/xx” I read the text. I saw that he looked up at the camera. “I think I’m going to go.” I tried to get up but pushed down by the girls. “Where Joecelyn this Is you’re house!?” Andrea said. “I’m sure it was a mistake he knows he did wrong!” Julie added trying to comfort me.

Interviewer: “well Hazz don’t forget to invite us to the wedding…..I’m joking of course….”

“Oh great I hope he invites me to!” I said bursting up from where I was sitting. “C’mon Joecelyn……ninja……homie…” Anna knew what would make me laugh but it didn’t work. “Fuck I knew he would do this!” I screamed as I got out the house.

Interviewer: “No seriously Harry was this just one of your you know……”One Night Stands”!” she questioned.

Louis: “Ahhh fuck Just drop it already lady!” he shouted.

Zayn: “Louis!!!” surprised at Louis he shouted.

Louis: Sorry! Well you know what about Nialls wedding ask us about that!!

“Don’t worry Harry I’ll leave you to it , I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough for you why don’t you call your fake cake face chick!..hope you had fun” I texted him. “Joecelyn just let him explain!” Anna said trying to talk me out of ruining my relationship. “Oh Anna knowing him……we’ve heard all this shit……we’re big fans…….and the first day I met him I was star struck……you know he banged that slut!” Anna knew I was right. “Well let him explain to you….don’t just leave him!” she said and walked me back inside.

Interviewer: “Well it was nice meeting you all have fun with your babes…….Bye”

“I’m not going to let you go like that Joecelyn please let me explain babe just please!”

“pathetic!” I said to myself. “Louis said there like half an hour away!” Julie directed her attention straight at me. “I think we’re gunna go…. tell Louis I’ll message him” she said again. “If you want to talk,you know you can just call me up!” Andrea said and hugged me on there way out. “thanks.” I said. “Ima go lock myself in my room and die!” I told Anna jokingly. She knew I was hurt but I wanted to be a little hard ass and pretend like I didn’t give a flack. “Joecelyn you’re my bestfriend I know you’re hurt!” she suddenly hugged me. I broke down crying and screaming saying “And I always said I would marry him you know……” I was talking bout how we were big fans and we would always say this. I heard the jingle of keys at the door. I wiped my tears and got up.It was time to face Harry and let him “Explain”.

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