Suffer and Die

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An evil little poem. For best results, read quickly. The words should guide your rhythm

Submitted: June 29, 2010

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Submitted: June 29, 2010



They push you far
They pull you back
They sway your mind
They break your back
They hunt you down
They cut your throat
They lay you down
And burn the boat

You try to stop but can’t let go
You try to run but can’t grab hold
You see your world spinning faster
Laughter, laughter of your master

They hold you up to see you fall
Demons creep and they will crawl
Around your mind and in your skull
Twist your thoughts until they’re black
Ain’t no way you’re going back
Addictions last, don’t doubt the past
Best stop now, it’s your final chance

Torment, torment is no fun
Unless you share it with everyone
So bring your family, bring your love
And show them all what you’ve done
Destroyed your home, much less their trust
Your life now breathes its final cusp
Gasp for air and drown nowhere
Beg your friends as they stare
To spare your life, just tonight
So you can push the fight
To last just one more night.

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