Moving On

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It's a story of what happened to me recently. I figured the formatting and stuff may not be that good as I'm writing this while revising math (to hell with greek letters, give me back my 1+1=2), irregardless I hope you guys can enjoy it and get the message (:

Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated, thank you all!

Submitted: May 07, 2015

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Submitted: May 07, 2015



"I knew it from a long time ago", she said as we talked that night; "What do you wanna do, I can go with either options.."


"Maybe I need some distance", I replied curtly; "on a second thought, never mind the distance, let's just do it as usual."


It never occurred to me that the word 'usual' could feel so out of place. And there I was standing in front of her, thinking that the sadness would get the better of me; only to feel the exact opposite. The sense of fulfilment and relief overcame everything else that night. Little did I know that God was giving me a leeway that night, or pardon maybe, for the following storm the next day. A seemingly never ending rain fell upon me in the park during my usual night stroll, forming a quiet utopia surrounded by trees and a small gazebo above my head.

‘Let’s keep it normal’, the promise that we both made that night echoed in my head; although the reality spoke of the opposite. Nothing went normal the ensuing days, there was either emptiness or pain whenever we tried ‘normal’.  

“Is it okay for me to still rely on you”, the most unusual question for our ‘normal’ situation popped out from her mouth few weeks later. “Of course you silly, I’d be damned if you don’t”. We took our baby steps to salvage whatever was left from the rubbles. From there onwards, things went back even more ‘normal’ than before.

“You’re my best friend.” We told each other, looking into the others’ eyes..


As time passed by, the number of important people increased.  Things that did not seem that important before turned into one.

“How’s she?”  She asked.

“Nothing good, I’m confused and worried, I miss her”, I replied.

“Hopefully you can help her through this..”

“Yea… I hope so”


Three days later the door finally opened.

“Why did you decide to meet me?” I asked the fragile soul

“Your letters….someone did not give up on me”, she replied.

“I see” , I replied as we walked downhill.


The sky slowly changed into light blue; as I sit there under the fading moon and stars, I talked to myself, “when did she become this important”

“Wait, I moved on after all……..”

“Dinner?” She asked through phone

“Sure, wait for me.”


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